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四年级Unit4 3,4

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Unit4 Lesson3 What season do you like? 一、Preparation

It’s ...

We often wear...


1、Listen and choose

1) What season do you like,Li Ming? Li Ming:

A: I like autumn. B: I like winter.

2)What season do you like,Wang Hong? Wang Hong:

A: I like summer. B: I like spring.

2、Listen and match

1)Why does Wang Hong like spring?


a. Why does Guo Yang like summer?



What season do you like,Danny? Why?


1、Pair work:

2、Listen and follow with question

What about you?是什么意思?( ) A:你呢? B:你好吗?

3、Act in roles


1、Let’s talk

2、Do exercise book on P26

五、 Progress

Let’s copy:


1、Read the text by yourselves.

2、Do pair work with your partner.

3、Copy“spring、summer、autumn、winter” for 5 times.

Unit4 Lesson4 Again, please!


What season do you like?

I like... I can...


Listen and say

1)What season do you like, Danny?

2) What season do you like, Wang hong? 三、Practice

1、Pair work

What season do you like?

I like... I can...

2、Listen and follow

3、Act in roles

四. Production

1、Check it

2、Let’s do

五. Progress

Try yourself:

It’s not my job.

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