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5a Unit8 have,has专项测试

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一、根据提示填空 11’

1. have的第三人称单数形式是_______________。

2. 肯定句中,第三人称单数用________, 非第三人称单数用_________。

3. 一般疑问句中,添加助动词_________,第三人称单数用________, 非第三人称单数用_________,动词用____________。

4. have/has句型:





二、用have/has填空 10’

1. My father _________ big eyes.

2. His parents _________ a computer.

3. Miss Li _________ brown long hair.

4. What does Wang Bing _________? He _________ some red apples.

5. The dog _________ two big ears.

6. I _________ a new telescope. I like it very much.

7. You _________ a stove.

8. The monkey _________ a peach. Look! He’s eating the peach.

9. Liu Tao’s friend _________ many magazines.

10. Su Hai and Su Yang _________ a big tent.


将下列句子改成否定句和一般疑问句并做肯、否定两种回答 15’

1. I have a pot. 否定:__________________________

一般疑问:________________________________ 回答:____________________

2. You have a stove. 否定:______________________

一般疑问:________________________________ 回答:____________________

3. They have some flowers. 否定:________________

一般疑问:________________________________ 回答:_______________

4. He has a tin of chicken. 否定:_________________

一般疑问:________________________________ 回答:_______________

5. John has some biscuits. 否定:__________________

一般疑问:_________________________________回答:_______________ 对划线部分提问:5’

1. _________________________________________________

2. 3. _________________________________________________

4. 5. 将下列各句改成肯定句 5’

1. You don’t have an umbrella. ___________________________________________

2. They don’t have a yellow car. __________________________________________

3. She doesn’t have any dolls. ____________________________________________

4. Do you have a puzzle? ________________________________________________

5. Does Tom have many chocolates? _______________________________________

四、选择 10’

( )1. My sister ___ some nice dresses.

A. is B. has C. have

( )2. –What does her brother ______? –He ______ a toy monkey.

A. has, has B. have, have C. have, has

( )3. They are going to have a _______.

A. a blue towel B. big tent C. camping trip

( )4. Look! Our friends _________.

A. are coming B. are come C. is coming

( )5. How many legs(腿) _______ an elephant have?

A. does B. do C. is

( )6. Here are some _______ of chicken.

A. tin B. tins C. a tin

( )7. He is showing his new toy _______ his classmates.

A. with B. at C. to

( )8. Nancy and I ________ a lot of storybooks.

A. have B. are C. has

( )9. Jane _____ is her tent.

A. are sitting B. is sitting

( )10. –How ________ is the blanket? –Seventy yuan.

A. many B. about

五、根据上下文内容填空 9’

A: Look at this picture. What _______ Yang Ling doing?

B: She’s ________ ________ a yo-yo.

A: _______ Nancy playing with her?

B: No. She is playing with Ben.

A: She _____ a doll in her hand.

B: What ______ Mike and David doing?

A: They are playing ________.

B: I _______ playing chess, too. ________ about you?

A: Sorry, I don’t.

六、阅读 20’

David: Mum, tomorrow is Halloween. Let’s have a party.

Mum: Good idea. C. can sitting C. much

David: I’ll ask Ben, Jim, Wang Bing and Helen to come to our party. They have many toys and we can play together.

Mum: It sounds good.

David: Jim has a guitar. He can play the guitar and we can sing together.

Mum: That’s a good idea.

David: Wang Bing has a puzzle. We can do the puzzle together. Helen has many dolls and she can play the dolls with Nancy.

Mum: And I can cook some nice food for you and your friends.

David: Thanks, Mum.

( )1. Halloween is coming.

( )2. The children will have a party.

( )3. Jim has a piano and Wang Bing has a puzzle.

( )4. Nancy and Helen can do the puzzle together.

( )5. David’s mum can cook for the children.

Peter is an old man. He has a big house. He likes cats very much. He has three cats. One cat is from England. Her name is Coco. One cat is from America. His name is Dodo. One cat is from China. Her name is Mimi. Peter loves his cats very much. He has many toys for his cats. Coco has a red toy mouse. It is small and funny. Dodo has a blue toy mouse. It can jump and run. Mimi has a green toy mouse. It has big ears. The cats like their toys and they like Peter, too. They like playing with Peter very much.

( )1. Peter has _______ cats.

A. two B. three

( )2. Dodo is from _______.

A. England B. America

( )3. _______ can jump and run.

A. Coco’s toy mouse B. Mimi’s toy mouse

( )4. Mimi’s toy mouse is _________.

A. green B. blue

( )5. Where is Peter from?

A. Engliand. B. America.

七、改错 5’

1. My sister has an big apple.

2. Helen and Yang Ling has two flowers.

3. Can you making a model plane?

4. Look, the children are have a music lesson.

5. Are there some slides in the garden?

八、中译英 10’

1. 你有什么?我有一个台灯。_______________________________________________

2. 他们有什么?他们又一条毯子。__________________________________________

3. 他有什么?他有一个随身听。_____________________________________________

4. 苏阳有什么?她有一架模型飞机。_________________________________________

5. 孩子们有什么?他们有许多鸡肉罐头。_____________________________________ C. four C. China C. Dodo’s toy mouse k C. red C. I don’t know. __________ __________ __________ __________ __________

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