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年级 姓名 分数


( )1、cl__ss__oom A、a r B、o r C、r i ( )2、Wh__r__ A、e l B、a a C、e e ( )3、__ym A、g B、a C、I ( )4、L__bra__y A、a e B、i r C、r i ( )5、exc___se A、u B、a C、d 二.看图,填单词。(5分)


He is my

(2) She likes to eat some

and chicken.

(3)My father is a

He’s very strong.


is in the pencil-case.


( )1、_________,Where’s the gym ? A、Thank B、Excyse me ( )2、Where ______you going ? A、is B、are C、am D、be

( )3、Is that far _______ here ? A、from B、of C、on D、at ( )4、Where ______the gym ? A、is B、are C、be ( )5、Across _____the offiee A、to B、fron C、for

( )6、LiMing :Excuse me ! Where’s the Library ? MissZhang:__________ A、Turn right B、Turm left

C、Across from the office D、Go straight .

( )7、LiMing :Is that far here ?


A、Yes, it’s far B、No! It’s just up the stairs C、Yes, it’s not far D、No! It’s near

( )8、MissZhang: Let me heep you . LiMing :______________

A、No ! B、No! It’s just up the stairs

C、Thank you D、No! It’s near

( )9、Where are you going ?

A、To the office B、Turn right

C、Go straight D、Here it is

( )10、_________ the gym ?

A、Where’s B、Where C、What’s

四、将下列个汉语的标号填在相应的英语括号内(20分) ( )1、图书馆在哪儿? A、Thank you ! ( )2、我带你去吧! B、 I Can show you . ( )3、谢谢你! C、Excuse me. ( )4、打扰一下! D、Here it is .

( )5、这就是。 E、Where’s the librany ? ( )6、跟我来。 F、Across from the office ( )7、让我来帮你。 G、Go up the stairs . ( )8、上楼。 H、Go straight. ( )9、经过办公室。 I、Follow me . ( )10、直走。 J、Let me help you . 五、连词成句(12分)

1、how、 Story-books、 you、 many、 do、 have(?)

2、the、 who、 inventor、 is 、paper、 of(.)

3、let clean the me classroom(.)

4、seat is where your(?)

5、she a big has eyes mouth and small(.)

6、Can have ice-cream I some(?)

六. 阅读短文,根据短文内容选词填空。(15分)

Sam is an English boy. He is seven years old. His mother is a nurse. His father is a doctor. His grandfather is a teacher of Chinese. Sam doesn’t want to be a teacher or a doctor. He is going to be a policeman.

1. Sam is a\an _______ boy. (English, Chinese) 2. He is _______. (six, seven)

3. His father is a ________. (policeman, doctor) 4. His mother is a ________. (teacher, nurse) 5. Sam is going to be a ________.(policeman, doctor)

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