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学校___________ 年级 _____________ 姓名__________


1. cold drink__________ 2. please___________ 3. borrow___________- 4 .puppy____________ 5.lollipop___________ 6.ice-cream___________

7. long_____________ 8. 馒头___________ 9.家___________



( ) 1._____ I help you?

A. Do B. Can C. Have

( ) 2.Would you like_______ buns?

A. some B. a C. any

( ) 3.Here you are


A. Thank you. B. No, you can’t C. Bye

( ) 4.Do you want some rice?


A.fine B. good C.please

( ) 5.They are_____ my school.

A. at B. in C. on

( ) 6.You_______ welcome.

A. are B. can C.do

( ) 7.Can I _____ a puppy?

A. is B.have C.are

( ) 8.Which one do you want, a long one or a short one?

A. No, you can’t B. Thank you C. A long one.please.

( ) 9.Look______ the picture.

A. at B.on C. in

( ) 10.I____ a box of sweets.

A. one B.have C. can


1. you I can help


2. I sweets like


3. Which you one do want


4. at look the picture


5.Can puppy I have a



1. Here you are. A.给你

2.You are welcome. B.不必客气

3.Which one do you want? C.我可以养只兔子吗?

4.Can I have a rabbit? D. 你想要哪一个?

5.I like ice-cream. E.我喜欢冰激凌


can can’t

1.________you help me?

---No, I _______

would please

2._______ you like some buns.


have haven’t

3. Do you ______ a kitten?

-----No, I________

borrow Thank you

4. Can I ________ a ruler.

-----Yes, you can. Here you are.


do thanks

5. _____you want some soup?



( ) Yes?

( ) Excuse me.

( ) Yes, here you are

( ) Can I borrow a ruler, please?

( ) Thank you.

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