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1、Warm up ( 热身)


Teacher: What do you have for breakfast?

Students: I have noodles/dumplings/milk/cake/bread?

Teacher: What would you like for lunch?

Students: I’d like beef/potato/eggplant/tomato/ green beans?


Teacher: 让我们看看Let’s start中的谜语:I’m yummy to eat. I’m red and round. I grow on the ground. My name begins with the letter as “tea”. Who am I?

Students: It’s tomato!


It’s yummy to eat. It is made of bread and ham. Its name begins with the letter as “ha”. What is it?

Students: hamburger!

Teacher:Yes. Hamburgers are salty. Hot dogs are salty. Sandwiches are salty.

Teacher: Next! They are a kind of fruit. They are round and small. Some of them are purple, some of them are green. What are they? - 1 -

Students: They are grapes!

Teacher:Yes,they are grapes. Some grapes are sweet, some are sour. Lemons are sour, they are not sweet, candy is sweet.

2、Presentation (新课呈现)

(1)出示一袋白糖,Teacher:Here’s some sugar. 再用舌头添一下,Teacher:It’s sweet. Taste it and follow me, sweet! ee--/i: /

(2)拿出一袋盐,Teacher:Look,they are not sugar. They are salt.品尝一点后Teacher::Very salty! Follow me ,salty。

(3)出示一小瓶醋:This is vinegar. It’s very sour. Read after me, sour。


Teacher:What’s this?

Students: It’s a tomato.

Teacher:Is it salty?Is it sour?Is it sweet?

Students: No!

Teacher:It’s a fresh tomato. Fresh!Now, apples/cabbages?are fresh.


Teacher:Is the egg salty?Is it sweet?Is it sour?Is it fresh? Students: It’s not salty/sweet/sour, maybe, it’s fresh.

Teacher:Egg is healthy. Tofu is healthy. Mutton is healthy. Onion

is healthy. healthy, healthy, healthy! Fish is healthy, bananas are healthy!

- 2 -

Students: Healthy!

(6)最后拿出橘子,Teacher:It’s tasty! It’s my favorite!

follow me! Tasty!

Students: Tasty!

Teacher: I love orange most, orange is my favorite!

What’s your favorite fruit? Tell me!

Students: apple/banana/grapes/pear/mango/watermelon?

Teacher:Let’s follow the tape, read “let’s learn”, pay

attention to these words and sentences!

3、Let’s play ( 趣味操练 )



Teacher:Game Time! Let’s guess!

Students: Is Cup1/Cup2/Cup3 salty/sweet/sour?

I know the result!

(2)跟我唱! Teacher:Let’s chant! Follow the tape!

4、Consolidation and extension (巩固与扩展)

Teacher:Oh!I’m hungry now. I have fish for lunch today. But my fish is salty. Let’s go to a restaurant. OK?

Students: Great!

Teacher: Look at PPT of “Story Time”。Listen to the dialogue. Then, read it by yourselves, act it in your group!

- 3 -

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