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听写 U 4 AB

Let’s learn

Unit 4 重点内容 过去时:表示过去做过的、已经发生的、成为历史的事。
不规则变化 : sing and dance – sang and danced take – took pictures eat – ate good food buy – bought presents see – saw elephants go – went skiing / ice skating +ed : rowed a boat learned Chinese climbed a moutain

要用过去的时间: 1. last … (上一个) last weekend

2. yesterday 3. … ago (…以前) two years ago
区别:next… (下一个)将来时 be going to do 表示还没做,还没发生的事情

I am going to read books next weekend.
She is going to fly kites next Sunday.


What 问什么 Where 问地方 How 问怎样去

Where did you go on your holiday? I went to Harbin.

How did you go there (= Harbin) ?
I went by plane.

What did you do there (= Harbin) ?
I went skiing .

还有 when 问时间
When did you go to HK ? I went to HK last summer holiday.

When did your mother go to the park ? She went to the park last weekend.

Please answer the questions.

1. Where did you go last weekend?

2. How did you go there ?

3. What did you do there ?

4. When did you play football?

5. Where did your father go yesterday ?

6. How did your mother go to work yesterday?

7. What did John do two days ago ?

8. How did Amy and Mike go to school ?

句子前面有did,后面就用原形。 Where did you go on your holiday?
How did you to HK ?

What did you

in HK ?

Did you play the piano last night ?

Did he
Did Sarah

ice-skating last winter?
a boat last Sunday?


Did you play the piano last night ? Yes, I did. / No, I didn’t.
Did he go ice-skating last winter? Yes, he did. No, he didn’t. Did they buy presents for their parents? Yes, they did. No, they didn’t.

Was Miss Ou a student last year ? Yes, she was. / No, she wasn’t. Were they students last year ? Yes, they were. / No, they weren’t. Are you happy today? Yes, I am. / No, I’m not .

Were your happy yesterday ? Yes, I was. / No, I wasn’t.

Answer the questions:

1. Did you fly kites last weekend ?

2. Did your mom watch TV last night ?

3. Are you happy today?

4. Were you happy yesterday ?

5. Was he tired yesterday ?

6. Was yesterday a busy day ?

7. Were your parents happy yesterday ?

8. Were Amy and Mike angry ?

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