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班级 姓名 得分



( )1.A.cat B.cute c.can

( )2.A.mango B. grape c. pineapple

( )3.A.fourteen B.fifteen c.thirteen

( )4.A.basketball B.football c.table tennis

( )5.A.jump B.skate c.swim

( )6.A.funny B.family c.fat

( )7.A.try B.fly c.hurry

( )8.A.look B. good c.book

( )9.A.like B.lion c.lovely

( )10.A.how much B.how many c.how long


( )Do you like elephants?

( )Look at our fruit salad.

( )Let’s make a fruit salad.

( )They’re very beautiful. wwW .x kB 1.c Om

( )I have seventeen stickers.

三、听录音,判断所听句子与下列句子是(T)否(F) 一致。(5分)

( )1.Look at this elephant.I like elephants.

( )2.Sam likes cakes,but Bobby likes pies.

( )3.Helen has some grapes,and Yang Ling has some pineapples.

( )4.-How many toy cars do you have,Mike? -Eighteen.

( )5.Tom can play football,and Liu Tao can play basketball.


( )1. A.我喜欢狗。 B. 你喜欢狗吗? C.你喜欢老虎吗?

( )2. A.看这只猫。 B.我喜欢这只猫。 C.你喜欢猫吗?

( )3. A.你有一个苹果吗? B.你有一个玩具汽车吗?


( )4.A.你有多少个汽车? B.我能看看吗?


( )5.A.你有一些贴纸吗? B.你有什么? C.你有多少张贴纸?


1.A: _______ that in English?

B: It's a ________

2.A: Is that your________ ?

B:No,it isn't.

3. A: Where's my crayon?

B: Perhaps it's_______ the _______case.



( )1.A.tiger B.panda C.horse D.animal

( )2.A.basketball B.ball C.football D.volleyball

( )3.A.sister B.worker C.farmer D.teacher

( )4.A.peaches B.bananas C.cars D.pineapples

( )5.A.apple B.oranges C.grapes D.watermelons


( )1. Look at this cat! I like cats. A. No, I don’t.

( )2. Do you like dogs? B. It’s cute.

( )3. Look at our fruit salad! C. I have many balls.

( )4. What do you have? D. Thirteen.

( )5. How many oranges do you have? E. How nice!

( )6、Would you like a cake? F、It’s a dog.

( )7、What’s this? G、Yes,please.


( )1.Wang Bing likes____very much.

A. horse B.horses C.a horse

( )2. - ____you have any stickers?

- Yes,I____.

A. Are; do B.Do;do C.Do;are

( )3. -Is that____apple?

-Yes,it is.It's____big apple.

A.a;a B.an;an C.an;a ( )4.Do you have a ?

A. mango B. mangoes C. apple

( )5. - ____ balls do you have?

-I have twelve. x k b 1.c o m

A. How far B.How much C.How many

( )6. Look____my toy cars. They are nice.

A.for B.at C.after

( )7. How many____ does Mike have?

A. robot B.robots C.these robots

( )8.I have many crayons. What____you?

A.about B.for C.and

( )9. Mike can play____very well.

A. footballs B.football C.the football

( )10、Do you like that pencil?

A、OK B、No,I don’t. C、Thank you.

( )11、This is pen,I think.

A、you B、your C、toy

( )12、I like my monkey.

A、No,it isn’t B、I like it,too. C、Yes,it is.

( )13、 that?

A、 What B、 what’s C、 What’s

( )14.I have two mangoes.

A. Thank you. B. Wonderful! C. Yes, I do.

( )15. Here you are.

A. Thank you. B. Yes, I do. C. No, I don’t. ( )16. How many do you have?

A. stickers B. sticker C. some stickers




1. Yang Ling likes________(狗)very much.

2.Let's________(制作)a fruit salad.

3.Have a look at________(我们的)fruit salad.

4.Su Hai likes ________(芒果)very much.

5.Look,we have________(十五个)toy animals.

6.May I have a________(看)at your toy panda?

7.Here's a________(玩具)bike for you.


1. he's in bedroom the(.) ________________________________

2. the dog can very jump well(?)


3.a is cat that nice(.) ________________________________

4. can play Tom tennis table well very(.) ________________________________________________

5. is her toy that train (.) ____________________________________________


This is a picture of Sue's family. Sue is a student. She is in a red dress. Her coat is blue. The man in a white shirt is Sue's father,Mr Black. He's a taxi driver. The woman is Sue's mother,Mrs Black. She has a brown hat. The boy is Sue's brother, Jim. He is in a blue jacket and black trousers.

( )1. Sue's coat is ____

A. white B. blue C.yellow

( )2. Sue's father is a ____.

A. policeman B. taxi driver C. car river

( )3. Sue's mother has a ____hat.

A. white B. brown C yellow

( )4. Sue is Jim's____.

A.friend B. brother C. sister

( )5. Jim is in a ____jacket.

A. black B. red C. blue



(have an school for dinner)

After 1 ,Dan was hungry. He told his mom," Mom,I'm hungry . Can I ____2 a snack (点心) ?" " OK," his mom said. "I'll make a hot dog 3 you." Dan ate it. But he was still hungry. He ate 4 egg and a peach. He was still hungry. Then ate some grapes and some strawberries(草莓). He was not hungry any more. Then his mom said," Dan,come to the table. It's time for 5 ."

1.________ 2.________ 3.________ 4.________ 5.________

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