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一. Read and write

黄瓜 ucumbers 菜花 auliflowers 茄子 ggplants 鳄鱼 rocodile 鱼 ish 螃蟹 rab 紫色 urple 红色 ed 绿色 reen 黑色 lack 黄色 ellow 白色 hite 蓝色 lue 六 ix 八 ight 九 ine 二. Read and choose.

1. Is it a Teddy bear ? No , it . A. Is B. isn’t 2. What’s this ?

A. It’s a banana . B. It’s red . 3. What are these ?

A. It’s an orange . B. They’re beans . 4. Are these mushrooms ?

A. Yes , they are. B. Yes , it is. 5. We need apples . A. some B. any 三. Listen

Three cars eight Five frogs nine Nine books ten Four beans six 七 even 零 ero ducks strawberries nuts peppers

四.Read and write

_lephant _uck _nsect _pple _rog _ gg

_at _ress _ook

___lower __oon __adder __acket

_range _ear _each

五.Read and choose.(根据句子意思选择正确的答案。)

1. is my Uncle. A. He B. She

2. is my Aunt. A. She B. He

3. name is Lucy . A. her B. his

4. name is Mocky . A. his B. her

5. How many are there ? A. birds B. bird

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