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人教版小学六年级英语试卷 班级:______姓名:_______

一. 将下面的单词补全。(10 分)

l_b_ary (图书馆) p_st o_ _ice(邮局) b_ _kst_ _e(书店) c_nema(电影院) 3. 当别人发生不幸的时候你可以问:( ) A.Not at all. B.I'm sorry to hear that. C.You're welcome. 4. 当你想问别人邮局在哪时,你应先说:( ) s_bway (地铁) tr_ffic(交通) t_m_rrow(明天) m_g_zine (杂志) b_sy(忙碌)

二. 按要求写单词。 (10分)

old(反义词)_______ tooth(复数)________ have(第三人称单数)_____

go(过去式)______ watch(复数)_______ two(同音词)_________

don’t(完全形式)_____woman(复数)_______ twelve (序数词)_____leaf(复数)_____

三. 选择单词或词组。(每个只能用一次)(10分)

1. Could I ________Mike ,please? 2. Don’t read ____.it’s bed for your eyes.

2. It is a _______ pencil. 4.I will ______with Mike this week.

5.The book is ______ the bed

四. 开心做选择,快乐你我他。(10分)

( )1.____ do you go to school? What B. How C.Where.

( )2.I usually go to school ___ foot. A.on B. by C. in

( )3.______ there a bookstore near here ? Is B. Are C. Do

( )4. I’m going to _____my grandparents. A.visit B. visiting C. visits

( )5. What are you going to do ___ Saturday morning? at B. on C. in

( )6.There ____ many apples in the bag . A.is B. have C. are

( )7.I_____ to buy a birthday card for my mother. A.do B. want C. play

( )8. They often get up _____six in the morning.A on B. at C. in

( )9. Do you want to____ chess? A. play B. eat C. have

( )10. My grandmother is my father’s _________. mother B. father C.aunt.


1. I would like to drink some coffee.(改为一般疑问句) __________________

2. He does his homework in the evening.(改为否定句)___________________________ students in our class.(对划线部分提问)___________________

4. It is an orange.(改为复数形式)______________________________________

5.can, how, I ,the, nature park, get to .(连词成句)_________________________

六.找出下面句子的答语。(10 分)

( )Thank you very much. A. Yes, I can.

( ) What does that cloud look like? B. Because I’m scared.

( ) Can you fly a kite ? C. You are welcome !

( ) Where did you go yesterday ? D. It’s rainy.

( ) Why can’t you swim in the pool? E. I will go to Xi’an

( ) Excuse me , may I borrow you pen? F. It looks like a rabbit.

( ) What will you do this summer? G. I went to the park .

( ) What’s your brother’s name ? H. His name is Bob.

( ) What do you want to do ? I. Sure, here you are.

( ) What’s the weather like today ? J. I want to swim.

七、 情景交际:5分

1. 你想约你的朋友周末去滑冰,你可以说:( )

A.Let's go fishing this weekend. B.Let's go hiking this weekend.

C.Let's go ice-skating this weekend.

2. 当别人跟你说:May I borrow your dictionary?你回答说:( )

A.OK,here you are. B.Fine. C.I don't think so. A.I' m sorry. B.Hi. C.Excuse me. 5. 当有人对你说Happy birthday to you!时,你应说:( ) A.You too. B.The same. C.Thank you. 八.找出有错的选项填入括号并改正10 ( )1. I like take a taxi to the shop。 ____________ A B C ( )2. He’s go to the new hospital tomorrow. ____________ A B C ( )3. I can speaking some English. ____________ A B C ( ) ____________ A B C 九.小小法官,读短文判断正(T)误(F)。(5分) Hello! I’m lily. There are six people in my family, my father, my mother, my brother and my grandparents. My father works in a school, he is a teather, he usually goes to work by bike. My mother works in a hospital, she is a nurse, she likes working with numbers, she often helps sick people, she goes to work by bike, too. My brother is a senior school student. He likes math and science very much. He is going to be an engineer. He usually goes to school by bus. My grandparents are all entire, they often go to park when we are out of home. I love my family. ( )1. My father is a teacher . ( )2. My mother often goes to work by bus. ( )3. My brother works in a hospital.( )4. My brother is going to be an engineer. ( )5. There are six people in my family . 八.阅读理解。(10分) There is a big old dog in my house. The dog is from America. It’s black . every day I take some food to him. The dog sees me and comes up. The food is in my hand. The dog comes to me and eats the food. After that I play with him. It’s really a smart pet. I give some food to my dog. So the dog knows me . I often go out for a walk with my dog. I like the dog and the dag likes me. We are good friends. ( )1. The dog is _______. A Black B. red C. white ( )2.The dog eats the food_________.A. In my hand B. in my bag C.in my basket. ( )3. I give the dog some food ______. A. on weekends B. everyday C. in the mirning. ( )4. The dog is _______. A.young B. old C. small 七、作文:10分 1、介绍自己上周末的活动:What did you do last weekend ? 2、写一写你自己(内容可以是你; 你的家庭;你的朋友) Write about youself (you, your family, your friend???) 要求:1、任选一项。 2、与主题有关、条理清楚、意思连贯、语句通顺、标点正确、书写规范。 3、50个单词左右。

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