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2007——2008学年度第一学期期中考试五年级英语试题(PEP)B卷听力材料 I. Listen and number. 听录音,用数字标出图片的序号。10分

1. Wednesday 2. do home work 3. Watch TV 4. read books 5. The fish is fresh.

6. play ping-pong 7. salty 8. sweet 9. I like ice-cream. 10. Banana is sweet. II. Listen and match. 听录音,把人名和相应的句子连线。10分

1. Miss white D. She is tall. She's young.

2. Sarah E. I often watch TV on Saturday.

3. Amy C. I like tofu.

4. Bai Ling A. We have math, English and music on Tuesday.

5. Chen Jie B. I like chicken. It's tasty.

III. Listen and choose. 听录音,根据录音从ABCD中选出正确的单词。10分

1. strong 2. math 3. Wednesday 4. mutton 5. tasty

IV. Listen and circle. 听录音,圈选出正确图形的字母标号。10分

1. I have cabbage, mutton and carrot. They are tasty.

2. Can I have some tofu and eggplant, please? I am hungry.

3. Eggplant is tasty. It's my favourite.

4. Today is my favourite day. We have P.E. and art.

5. I often play football on Saturday.

6. I often read books and watch TV on Sunday.

7. I'd like some green beans and fish. They are healthy.

8. Our math teacher is young. He is short and thin.

9. Jack has carrots, cucumbers, chicken and grapes for lunch.

10.What day is it today? It's Friday.


My name is Jack。I'm 10 years old. My favourite day is Monday. We have P.E. and computer class today. We have tomatoes for lunch. Potatoes are my favourite. My favourite teacher is Mr. Li. He is our art teacher. He is tall and strong. He is very active

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