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I want to be a teacher

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I want to be a teacher

Although teachers are poorly paid and they have no power,I still want to be a teacher in the future . I`m not silly and I`ll tell you why. I want to be a teacher beacuse I have been admiring teachers very much since I was young.They are very kind and helpful. I want to teach because it is the greatest job in the world.

I decide to teach because I can keep young and I can learn, change and grow with my students. I want to teach beacause I like the life style of teachers, simple but free. I will be able to do what I want to do during the two vacations。

I'll try my best to be a good teacher. Firstly, I'll study hard to improve myself. Secondly,I'll love my students and take pride in my job. Thirdly,I'll get on very well with them and make friends with them. I believe that teaching is the most interesting job in the world. I'll take it as my life-long(终生的) career(职业). I will never regret(后悔) my decision.

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