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U1 Meeting the Bingo kids

Yesterday Ann, Ken and their family _______ to Redrock Bay. Today they_______ some _______ in their neigborhood. These kids have a BINGO Kids club. _______ Ann and Ken introduce _________, then the BINGO Kids introduce themselves. _________Ann and Ken _____ ____ ____their new school in Redrock Bay. Now, Ken, Ann and the BINGO Kids are _______. They ______ ______ their_________ _______. Then they talk about their ________ . Ann, Ken and the BINGO Kids are _______ ______. The BINGO Kids ______ Ann and Ken ____ join their club. ______Ann and Ken join ________?

U2 Charlie’s chores

Charlie ______ want to _____ ______ this morning. He doesn’t want to do his________. Charlie ________ he ______ ______ do many chores. Then Charlie ______ Daniel and Sue in the park. Charlie ______ Daniel and Sue about their chores. Next______ at school, Charlie asks Lisa and Matt _____ their chores. Lisa and Matt say they also have to do______ chores. Later, Charlie meets Ann and Ken. Ann and Ken tell Charlie they have to do their chores, too. Now Charlie _____ that all BINGO Kids have to do chores. He ______ _______ so______ now. What chores do you do?

U3 Redrock Bay Health Club

Yesterday Ken received an invitation. It was from Redrock Bay Health Club. Then today Ken and his friends _______at five o’clock. They ____ ____the Health Club together. Lisa ______some information about a ______ class. She wants to find a______. Lisa asks what the other kids _______tomorrow. Charlie _____ ______ ______. Daniel has___ _______ ______. Matt ______ _____ to the______ ,and Ken is going _________. Lisa can’t find a _____. So what is she doing tomorrow?

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