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2013-2014年四年级英语上册 Module 1 检测题

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Module 1 检测题

Class ________ Name ________ No. ______ Mark_______

Part I Listening (听力部分) 40%

I. Listen and choose.(选出听到的单词、词组和句子)12% ( ) 1. A. hear ( ) 2. A. fifteen ( ) 3. A. nice ( ) 4. A .write ( ) 5. A. kite ( ) 6. A. super ( ) 7. A. his friend

B. hair B. fourteen B. fine B. like B. cat B. well B. her brother

C. here C. thirteen C. nine C. fly C. hat C. very C. your sister C. colour the picture C. go away

( ) 8. A. draw a picture B. paint a picture ( ) 9. A. sit down

B. come in

( ) 10. A. Susie wants a cake with berries. B. Susie wants a cake with cream.

C. Susie wants a cake with milk.

( ) 11. A. Can your cat count to three?

C. Can your fish swim fast?

( ) 12. A. Jill lives near our school.

C. Jill likes dancing and reading.

B. Can your cat climb the tree?

B. Jill walks to school every day.

II. Listen and choose.(选出听到单词的反义词)6% ( ) 1. A. yellow ( ) 2. A. long ( ) 3. A. happy ( ) 4. A. rough ( ) 5. A. full ( ) 6. A. fat

B. white B. old B. tall B. soft B. tired B. thin

C. blue C. fat C. full C. smooth C. thirsty C. short

III. Listen and choose.(选出听到的句子的应答句)6% ( ) 1. A. His name’s Joe. ( ) 2. A. Yes, he is. ( ) 3. A. It’s a monkey. ( ) 4. A. He can swim.

B. Her name’s Tracy. C. My name’s Kitty. B. No, I’m not. B. It’s a fish. B. He is happy.

C. No, I’m hungry. C. It’s a rabbit. C. He likes reading. C. Thank you. C. No, I don’t.

( ) 5. A. Have some biscuits. B. Have some water. ( ) 6. A. No, I am not.

B. Yes, I can.

IV. Listen and choose.(根据听到的内容和问题,选择正确的答案)6%


( ) A. Six.


( ) A. No, he can’t.


( ) A. She’s eleven.


( ) A. He’s hungry.


( ) A. It can sing.


( ) A.

6. basketball. B. Seven. C. Sixteen. B. Yes, he can. C. He can swim well. B. She’s twelve. C. He’s twelve. B. Yes, he is. C. No, he isn’t. B. It can climb a tree. C. Yes, it can climb. Playing B. Playing football. C. Playing football and basketball.

V. Listen and judge.(听录音判断,用"T"或"F"表示)5%

( ) 1. May is Danny’s little sister.

( ) 2. Mary likes toy cars.

( ) 3. Danny’s little sister can sing an English song.

( ) 4. Mary is Danny’s deskmate.

( ) 5. May’s hair is long.

VI. Listen and fill in the blanks.(听短文,填入所缺的单词)5%

I am Ben. I am a ___________. I have got two friends. We are ___________. Lily is my deskmate. She is ___________ years old. She can sing and dance __________. Danny is a fat boy. He likes to play __________ very much. We often play in the school garden together.

Part 2 Reading and writing(读写部分) 60%

I. Find the word with a different sound in each group.(在下列各组单词中找出一个划线部分与其他单词发音不同的词)5%

( ) 1. A. mask ( ) 2. A. read ( ) 3. A. fast ( ) 4. A. write ( ) 5. A. come

II. Choose the best answer.(选择最佳答案)12%

( ) 1. -Mum, I’m _______. -Have some water then. B. toast B. dream B. happy B. swim B. hop C. desk C. bread C. back C. picture C. bottle


A. hungry B. thirsty C. tired

( ) 2. A monkey ___________ fly high.

A. can B. can’t C. is

( ) 3. Mr Li is my teacher. _______ has a yellow ball.

A. She B. His C. He

( ) 4. —_________ do you feel? —Happy.

A. What B. How C. Who

( ) 5. Sally can swim, ________ she can’t paint.

A. and B. but C. /

( ) 6. I ________ a new dress. I _______ happy.

A. has, am B. have, is C. have, am

( ) 7. ________ the peach. Is it sweet?

A. Feel B. Touch C. Taste

( ) 8. He is my good friend. He can draw _________.

A. good B. fine C. well

( ) 9. What can you do, Supergirl? ________ can fly.

A. She B. I C. You

( ) 10. Welcome _______ today’s ‘Super Time’.

A. on B. to C. in

( ) 11. How ____________ is your little brother? Only two.

A. much B. many C. old

( ) 12. Kitty and I are friends. _______ dog is white.

A. My B. Her C. Our

III. Fill in the blanks. (用所给单词的适当形式填空) 6%

1. This is my sister. _________ (she) name is Jill.

2. Sam likes ______________ (swim) in summer.

3. Peter’s _________ (bottle) are on the table.

4. I can ___________ (paint) a picture, but Supergirl can’t.

5. _________ (be) your mother tired? Yes.

6. Ben is happy. He _________ (have) a skateboard.

IV. Fill in the blanks. (根据句意填空,每空一词) 5%

1. A monkey can ___________, but it can’t fly.

2. I’m not hungry. I’m ________.

3. I’m happy. I have a new ___________.

4. How old is Jack’s sister? __________ ten.

5. I’m a thirsty crow. I want some __________.

V. Rewrite the sentences. (按要求改写句子,每空一词) 12% 3

1. The crow can drink water. (改成否定句) The crow ______ ______ water.

2. Sam is hungry. (划线提问) How ______ Sam _________?

3. The bottle is long.(改为否定句,意思不变The bottle _______ _______.

4. That’s my new bicycle. (改为一般疑问句)_______ that ________ new bicycle?

5. Kitty’s father can swim well. (划线提问) _______ can Kitty’s father _______?

6. Can your little sister fly a kite? (否定回答) No, _______ ________. VI. Read and match. (读一读,给句子配对) 5%

( ) 1. Can a dolphin climb the tree?

( ) 2. How do you feel, Kitty?

( ) 3. Have some biscuits.

( ) 4. Nice to meet you, Jill.

( ) 5. Goodbye, Miss Li.

VII. Read and judge.(阅读短文并判断,用"T"或"F"表示)5%

Today is Children’s Day. Rose is very happy. She’s got a new doll. The doll’s dress is blue and pink. Rose likes dolls. Now she has got four old dolls and a new beautiful doll. Ben’s got a new bicycle. But he isn’t happy. Look! His new bicycle is broken(坏的). He is sad.

( ) 1. Today is Rose’s birthday.

( ) 2. Rose is very happy.

( ) 3. Rose has five dolls now.

( ) 4. Ben has got a new skateboard.

( ) 5. Ben can ride his bicycle now.

VIII. Read and choose. (阅读后选择)5%

Hello, I’m a boy. I’m ten. You can call me Martin. I have two big ears and two eyes. I can run and jump. I can’t paint or swim. This is my house. It is not very big. But it is beautiful. Look! In the sitting-room, there is a big plant. I’ve got many beautiful flowers. They’re under the big plant. There are four apples on the table. I like my house.

( ) 1. Martin is a ___________.

A. girl B. boy C. ten A. Nice to meet you too. B. Thank you. C. See you. D. I’m tired. E. No, it can’t.

( ) 2. Martin can __________ and run.

A. swim B. jump C. paint

( ) 3. Martin’s house is _____________.


A. big B. small and beautiful C. big and beautiful

( ) 4. ______________ are under the big plant.

A. Four apples B. A big plant C. Many flowers

( ) 5. There is ________ in the sitting room.

A. many flowers B. some apples

IX. Think and write.(阅读短文并回答问题)5%

Dan and May are good friends. They’re in the same(相同)class. They are in Class Two. But Dan is one year older than(比) May. He’s fourteen years old. He’s fat because he likes meat and beef(牛肉). May is thin. She likes vegetables. Dan has a brother. His name’s Ben. He’s twelve years old. He’s in Class Three. Dan, May and Ben often(经常) walk to the library after school. They like to read. They study hard at school.

1. Is Ben in Class 2 or Class 3? _________________________________________________

2. Are Dan and Ben brothers ? __________________________________________________

3. What does May like to eat?___________________________________________________

4. What do Dan,May and Ben like doing? _________________________________________

5. Do they walk to the library


I. Listen and choose (选出听到的单词、词组和句子)12%

1. Look! My teacher has got short hair.

2. Danny’s student number is thirteen.

3. How is your grandmother? She’s fine.

4. My little brother can run, but he can’t write.

5. Can you fly a kite, Kitty? Yes, I can.

6. My father likes swimming very much.

7. This is her brother. His name’s Danny.

8. Supergirl can fly, but she can’t paint a picture.

9. Hello, Little Lucy. Come in, please.

10. Susie wants a cake with cream.

11. Can your cat count to three?

12. Jill walks to school every day.

(B C B A A C B B B B A B)

II. Listen and choose (选出听到单词的反义词)6%

1. Look! Miss Li has a black car.

2. We have a new classmate, Jill.

3. Look at Ben. He is sad.

4. Touch the desk. It’s very smooth.

5. I’m hungry. Give me some cakes, please.

6. Is this your long ruler? Yes, it is.

(B B A A A C) after class? C. a plant


III. Listen and choose (选出听到的句子的应答句)6%

1. What’s your sister’s name?

2. Are you hungry, Danny?

3. It’s small. It’s brown. It can climb the tree. What animal is it?

4. How does your father feel?

5. Mum, I’m very thirsty.

6. Do you like playing cards?

(B B A B B C)

IV. Listen and choose (根据听到的内容和问题,选择正确的答案)6%

1. A: Mary, is your student number seven?

B: No, my student number is sixteen.

Q: What’s Mary’s student number?

2. A: Hello, Ben. Can you swim?

B: Yes, I can swim very well. Can you swim, Jill?

A: No, I can’t, but I can dance.

Q: Can Ben swim well?

3. A: How old are you, Paul?

B: I’m eleven.

A: How old is your sister?

B: She’s twelve.

Q: How old is Paul’s sister?

4. A: Are you thirsty, Martin?

B: No, I’m not.

A: How do you feel?

B: I’m very hungry.

A: Have some cakes, Martin.

B: Thank you.

Q: Is Martin thirsty?

5. A: Mr Li, can your bird sing?

B: Yes, it can.

A: Can your cat sing too?

B: No, it can’t, but it can climb a tree.

Q: What can Mr Li’s cat do?

6. A: Peter, what can you see under the desk?

B: I can see a football.

A: Do you like playing football?

B: No, I like playing basketball.

Q: What does Peter like doing?

(C B B C B A)

V. Listen and judge (听录音判断,用"T"或"F"表示)5%

Danny has got a little sister. She is Mary. She is four years old. She likes dolls. She has got a toy car. It’s red. She doesn’t like it. She can sing an English song. Danny and May are deskmates. May is nine years old. She has got long hair. She likes to play with dolls, too. She can ride a bicycle.


(F F T F T)

VI. Listen and fill in the blanks(听短文,填入所缺的单词)5% I am Ben. I am a student. I have got two friends. We are classmates. Lily is my deskmate. She is eleven years old. She can sing and dance well. Danny is a fat boy. He likes to play basketball very much. We often play in the school garden together.


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