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2013-2014年四年级英语上册 第四单元检测卷

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Listening Part 听力部分 (30分)(竖起小耳朵仔细听哦!)


( )1、A. fridge B. friend C. floor

( )2、A. please B. phone C. elephant

( )3、A. on B. under C. near

( )4、A. table B. make C. twelve

( )5、A. not B. note C. hot

( )6、A. key B. kitchen C. chicken


1、study ( ) 2、bedroom( ) 3、livingroom( ) 4、bathroom( )

5、kitchen( )

A、fridge B、phone C、computer D、shoes E、sofa

三、听录音, 选择最佳的答语. (5分)

( ) 1. A. Yes, it is. B. No, she isn’t. C. Yes, he is.

( ) 2. A. No, he isn’t. B. Yes, she is. C. No, it isn’t.

( ) 3. A. Yes, they aren’t. B. Yes, it is. C. No, they aren’t.

( ) 4. A. I have a table and a chair. B. They’re in the living room.

C. I can see a sofa and TV.

( ) 5. A. His name is Mike. B. Her name is Amy.

C. She is Chen Jie.

四、听录音,填入所缺的单词(14分) Go to the . Watch TV. Go to the . Read a book. Go to the . Have a snack . Go to the . Have a nap . Go to the . Take a shower .

Writing Part 笔试部分 (70分)


( ) 1. A. bedroom B. kitchen C. book

( ) 2. A. juice B.sofa C. fridge

( ) 3. A. classroom B. bedroom C. here

( ) 4. A. she B. we C. her

( ) 5. A. friend B.friendly C. sister


( )1. phone hot ( ) 2. cute study

( )3. sofa no ( ) 4. in rice

( )5. fridge window ( ) 6. nap snack




( )1、Is this your bedroom ?

A. Yes,they are. B. Yes,it isn’t. C.Yes,it is.

( )2、Where are your pens ? _______________.

A.It’s on the desk B.Yes,it is. C.They are on the desk

( )3、Are the boys in the cla ssroom?

A Yes,they aren’t. B.Yes,it is. C.No,it is. D.Yes,they are.

( )4. Where is your mother ? ___________.

A Yes,he is. B.She is in the home. C.He is in the kitchen.

( )5. Are the keys in the door ? Yes, __________.A they aren't B it isn't C they are

( )6. Where is your sister ? She in the study. A is B am C are

( )7.How many rooms do you have ? ____________.

A. A living room, two bedrooms B. Six C .I can see two desks.

( )8. Go to the _________. Have a snake.A. living room B. bathroom C. kitchen

( )9. A: How many ______ do you have? B: I have 8.

A. classmate B. phones C. bed

( ) 10.A: Is this your bedroom? B: Yes, _______

A. it is. B. is it. C. it isn’t.

( ) 11.A: Is she in the kitchen? B: No, she ________ A. is B. isn’t

C. aren’t

( ) 12. Is Tom in the study? B: Yes, ________ is. A. he B. she C. his

( ) 13. He ______ two small eyes. A. is B. has C. have

( )14. What’s ______name?A. he B. she C. her

( )15. _______ the door. A. turn on B. Turn on C. sit on

五、我会用“am,is,are”填空。(6分) 1. Where the keys? 2. ____the keys on the table? 3.She in the bathroom . 4.I a Chinese girl ?5. this your bike ? 6.They in the door.

六. 连词成句。(10分)

1.in the she is living room ?


2.are the where keys?

3.on table are they the ?

4.they no, aren’t . in the they are in .


5. has he glasses blue and are his shoes .


( ) 1.Is this your school? A. It’s in the kitchen.

( ) 2.Where is your cat? B. Yes, it is. .

( ) 3.Where are your books?. C. No, he isn’t.

( ) 4.Is he in the kitchen? D. Yes, they are.

( ) 5.Are they near the phone? E. They are under the table.

八. 重新排列下列句子的顺序,使其成为一个意思完整、通顺的对话(5分).

( )Look !She is in the kitchen . ( ) Where is she?

( ) No, she isn’t. ( 4 ) No, she isn’t. ( ) Is she in the study?

( ) I have a cat . She ‘s cute. ( ) Mmm.Is she in the livingroom?


Hello, I’m Lily. Welcome to my home. There is a living room, three bedrooms,

two bathrooms, a study and a kitchen in my home. Look, my father and mother are

watching TV on the sofa in the living room. Here is my study, you can see many books

and a computer in it. My brother and I do homework(做作业) here. We are all happy!

( )1. There are four people in my family.( )2. There are two bedrooms in my


( )3. You can see many books and a TV in my study.

( )4. Lily does homework in the living room. ( )5. We are happy.

十用三到四句话介绍一下“My home” (10分)


一、 所给的中文情景提示,选择正确的答案。

( )1. 你想告诉朋友:去客厅看电视,你应该这样表达:

A. Go to the living room take a shower. B. Go to the study watch TV.

C. Go to the living room watch TV.

( )2.别人的卧室很漂亮,你可以这样说:

A. The living is nice. B. The bedroom is nice. C. The study is nice.

( )3. 你不知道你朋友陈洁在哪里,你可以问:

A. Where is she? B. Where is he? C. Where is your friend?

( )4、如果别人说对了,你可以说:

A. Thank you. B. All right. C. You’re right.

( )5、,你想知道钢笔是否在对方手里,你可以这样问:


A. Where is my pen? B. Where is your pen? C. Is it in your hand? ( )6、如果你想叫别人开门,可以这样说:

A. Go to the door. B. Open the door, please. C. Close the door, please. ( )7、你想知道他是谁,应该怎么问:

A. Who is it? B. Who is she? C. Who is he?

( )8. 请整理床铺,应该这样表达:

A. Sit on the sofa. B. Make the bed. C. Watch TV.

( )9.,欢迎来我家,可以这样表达:

A. Welcome to my school. B Welcome to my bedroom

C. Welcome to my home.

( )10. 如果你想知道她叫什么名字,应该怎么问

A. What’s your name? B What’s his name? C. What’s her name?


1.你想吃什么? you like ?

2.晚餐吃什么? Dinner ?

3.我想要牛肉和汤。 beef and soup .


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