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Ⅰ.Listen and put a tick(√)or a cross(X).(10points)

( )

( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

Ⅱ.Listen and choose the correct words.(10 points)

( )1.A. glasses B. classes C. Grass ( ) 2.A. south B. north C. west

( ) 3.A. country B. cousin C. Couch ( ) 4.A. capital B. Canada C. Canberra

( ) 5.A. gray B. green C. grade

Ⅲ.Listen and choose what you hear. (10 points)

( ) 1.A.a map of the U.K. B.a map of the U.S. ( ) 2.A.China's flag B.Canada's flag

( ) 3.A.a bus driver B.a car driver ( ) 4.A.go to school B.go home

( ) 5.A.look like B.look different

Ⅳ.Listen and number.(10 points)

( ) He is ten years old. ( ) This is my friend.

( ) He is from Australia. ( ) How old is he?

( ) Where is he from?

Ⅴ.Look at the pictures and complete the words.(9 points)

①n_ _th ② w_st ③ s_ _th ④ _ _st ⑤ Chin_ ⑥_ anada ⑦ the _.S. ⑧ A_strali_ ⑨ the U._.

Ⅵ.Look at the family

tree and write the

words.(6 points)

Ⅶ.Write the words.(5 points)

drives(原形)________ 2.tall(比较级)________ 3.brother(对应词)_______

4.short(反义词)________ 5.go(单数第三人称


Ⅷ.Choose the correct answers and complete the sentences.(10 points)

1.This is a picture ____ Jenny's family. M, 2.Lynn is younger ____ Jenny.

3.She goes to work ____ her bicycle. 4.I like to play ____ my dolls.

5.Li Ming likes to go for a walk. I like to go for a walk, ____ .

6.Is Li Ming older ____ younger than his grandfather? 7.North points ____ on a map.

8.This is Tian'anmen Square. It is ____ Beijing.

9.It's the same colour ____ the U.S. flag 10.Do you see a little flag ____ Australia's flag?

Ⅸ.Match.(10 points)

a map of the U.K. 用英语

sing a song 首都

my father's mother 英国地图

the capital city 唱歌

in English 奶奶

Ⅹ.Write the sentences arrange the correct order.(10points)

1. am, than, I,younger, my, mother_________________________________________________

2. a, This, map, is _________________________________________________

3. like, to, checkers, I, play__________________________________________________

4. is, teacher, He, a___________________________________________________


Ⅺ.Close.(10 points)

A.What is your aunt, Joan?

B.__1___ is a doctor.

A.__2__does she work?

B.She works in a __3___ .

A.How __4___ she go to work?

B.She __5___ to work on her bicycle.

1.A.He B.She 2.A.What, B.Where 3.A.shop B.soup

4.A.do B.does 5.A.goes B.go

Ⅻ.Comprehesion using T(true) or F(false).(10 points)

This is my family. We live in Baoji.I have two grandfathers and two grandmothers. I have a brother, but I have no sister.My mother and father have two sons: my brother and me. Look! My mother is listening to the radio now. My father is reading the newspaper. My brother and I are playing checkers.

( )1.My family lives in China.

( )2.My parents have two sons.

( )3.I have a sister but no brother.

( )4.My father is reading a book.

( )5.My mother isn't listening to the radio.

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