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It’s brown. It’s Yum.

The squirrel likes it very much.

Oh,no! My nut !

I like nuts.

My nut. Where is it? What are you looking for?

I don’t know.

No,it isn’t.

Is it in the water?

It isn’t on the ground.

No,it isn’t.

There’s your nut,Mocky.

Is this your nut?

Yes,it is. Thank you.

A friend in need is a friend indeed. 患难见真知。

Where is the nut?It’s on the rock. Where is the nut?It’s under the rock.
Where is the nut?It’s in the water. Where is the nut?It’s in front of the tree.



A、The bird is on the rock. B、The bird is under the rock.

A、The squirrel is in front of the tree.

B、 The squirrel is behind the tree.

A、I like nuts.

B、I don’t like nuts.

A、Where is it?

B、What is it?

A、You’re welcome.
B、Thank you.

1、朗读课文。 2、尝试运用所学方位介词 描述图中人物的位置。

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