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1在学习man woman father mother时可以自编chant,和学生一起打起节奏说唱。

Man , man , my father is a man.

Woman, woman ,my mother is a woman.

2在学习pen red leg ten时:

Pen ,pen ,a red pen .

Leg ,leg ,ten legs.

A red pen has ten legs.

3在学习mother father brother sister时:

This is mother,kind and dear.

This is father,standing near.

This is brother,see how tall.

This is sister,not so tall.

4在学习方位介词in on under near时:

Where,where,where is your pencil?

In the box,in the box.

Where,where,where is your box?

On the chair,on the chair.

Where,where,where is your chair?

Under the desk,under the desk.

Where,where,where is the desk?

Near the door,near the door.

5在学习book English book maths book Chinese book stroybook时:

What’s,what’s,what’s in your schoolbag? Book,book,English book.

I have an English book.

Book,book,maths book.

I have two maths books.

Book,book,Chinese book.

I have three Chinese book.


I have many stroybooks.

6在学习his her时:

What’s his name?

His name is John.

What’s his name?

His name is John.

What’s her name?

Her name is Amy.

Her name is Amy.

7在学习tall thin时:

He is my student.

He’s a good,good boy. He’s tall and thin. He’s a good,good boy. 8在学习study kitchen时: Where is she?

Where is she?

Is she in the study? No,she isn’t.

Is she in the kitchen? Yes,she is.

Yes,she is.

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