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Welcome to our class!


( ( ( (

)1. A. foot )2. A. nice

B. food B. nine

C. would C. fine

)3. A. two bags B. two maps C. two caps )4. A. fish B. fresh C. fridge B. Tuesday C. Thursday B. tasty C. table B. healthy C. hurry B. eggplant C. cabbage

( )5. A. Monday ( )6. A. today ( ( )7. A. heavy )8. A. egg


)1. A. Mr Zhao B. He’s tall and thin C. She’s active ( )2. A. Yes, he is B. No, she isn’t C. No, he is ( )3. A. It’s sunny B. I like Wednesdays C. It’s Wednesday ( )4. A. I often read books and watch TV. B. I have computer and science. C. We have green beans and potatoes.



) 1. How old is Ma Ling? A. 10 B. 11 C. 12 ( ) 2. What’s Ma Ling’s favourite food? A. Mutton and vegetables. B. Mutton and tofu. C. Chicken and vegetables. ( ) 3. What’s Ma Ling’s favourite class? A. Art and computer class. B. Math and art class. C. English and art class. ( ) 4. What does Ma Ling do on weekends? A. Do homework. B. Read books. C. Watch TV.



1. What’s your
2. I often do my 3. What day is it today? ______Wednesday. 4. Is she ?

on Saturdays.

Yes, she is.

? 听音,写单词(16分) ———— —— ——

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