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Welcome to our class!


( )1. This is my A. head B. face C. mouth D. finger ( )2. Touch your A. nose B. eye C. ear D. face ( )3. Look at my A. finger B. arm C. nose D. eye ( )4. I have 2 A. ears B. eyes C. fingers D. legs ( )5. Where is your A. face B. foot C. hand D. head ( )6、Nice meet you. A. to B. too C. two D. at

)1. A. pen B. pencil )2. A. head B. hand )3. A. crayon B. ruler )4. A. body B. eye )5. A. arm B. leg C. pencil-case D. eraser C. finger D. face C. book D. eraser C. ear D. foot C. nose D. mouth

( ( ( ( (

)6. A. I have a book. B. I have a body. C. I have a pencil-case. D. I have a pencil. )7. A. Good morning! B. Good afternoon! C. Good bye. D. See you.


( )1. A.book B.brown C.body

( )2.A.crayon B.eraser C.orange ( )3.A.pencil B.pink C.purple
( )4.A.red B.eye C.ear

( )5.A.white B.what C.where

听读音,用阿拉伯数字标出你所听到的顺序。( 24)

( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

)I’m fine,thank you. )My name is Sarah . )Show me your purple crayon . )Very well,thanks . )How are you? )Colour the face yellow . )A blue flower . )Nice to meet you

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