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6A 期中测试

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6A期中复习卷(1) 班级 姓名


1.吹灭蜡烛 2.走向他

3.拿出一张纸 4. 想要拍一些照

5.脱掉戏服 6. 闭上你的眼睛


9.把它们捡起来 10. 问我一些问题


( )1.“ Be quiet” means we ________make noise here.

A. can B. shouldn’t C. must D. should

( )2.It’s time some water .

A. to have B. have C. has D.to has

( )3. The camera isn’t in my bag. It________ there a moment ago.

A. be B. was C. is D. were

( )4. Would you like ______my home? Yes,______

A. to come to , I’d like to. B. coming, I’d like to.

C. to come, I do. D. coming, I do.

( )5. _____that sign interesting? Yes, I think so.

A. Does B. What’s C. Is D.Can

( )6.They are talking about ______birthdays.

A. his B. they C. their D. her

( )7. Where are my shoes?________________________

A. It’s on the desk. B. It’s under the desk.

C. They’re under the desk. D .They were under the desk.

( )8. John is twenty years old, but he has only five birthdays. Why?

Because his birthday is _________.

A. at night B. five years ago

C. on the last night of a year D. on the 29th of February

( ) 9. Which is the third month(月份) of the year ?

A. August B. February C. March D.September

( )10. What _____ is it today ? It’s the 3rd of March .

A. date B. day C. time D.when

四 、用所给单词的适当形式填空。

1. Today is the _______ (one ) of November .

2.My grandfather has a pair of _________ (glass).

3. All the students are very __________(excite).

4. Wang Bin __________ (go) to school by bike every day.

5. Jim and I ________(be) in the same________(class) two years ago?


a. Thanks a lot.

b. Is it in your school bag?

c. It was on the desk just now.

d. I can’t find my crayon. Where is it?

e. Not at all.

f. Yes, it is. Thank you very much.

g. But it isn’t here now.


1. 这个标志是什么意思?它的意思是你不可以在这里停放自行车。

What does this sign _____ ? It _____ you shouldn’t _____ your bikes here.

2. 你的生日是什么时候?是4月21日。 _____ _ your birthday? It’s_____ _ the 21st of__ ____.

3. 我的手机刚才还在照相机旁,可现在不在了。 My near the camera . But it there .


______ your birthday ______ _______ ninth of May?

No, my birthday is ______ ______.



It is Sunday morning, Xiao Ming and her mother are in the hospital. Xiao Ming’s got a fever. They are going to see a doctor. There are a lot of public signs on the wall of the hospital. Xiao Ming and her mother know a lot about them. The sign on the first floor means “Keep quiet” The one on the second floor means we shouldn’t smoke. The third one means “No littering”. Just then Xiao Ming sees a man littering.

She goes up to him and says: “You shouldn’t litter. You should throw it into the dustbin(垃圾箱).”

( )1 Xiao Ming’s got an earache and wants to see a doctor.

( )2 Xiao Ming and her mother don’t know the signs.

( )3 The sign on the first floor means people shouldn’t make noise.

( )4 people shouldn’t smoke in the hospital.

( )5 People can litter in the hospital.


I’m a school girl. My brother and I are twins. We are both(两个都)at school. We like school. My parents are both teachers. They work hard. M y brother and I study at No.1 Middle school. There are twenty five boys and eighteen girls in our class. We go to school from Monday to Friday. We have no classes on Saturday and Sunday. We usually get up at six. We come to school at seven o’clock. Classes begin at eight. We have four lessons in the morning and two in the afternoon. We have lunch at fifteen past twelve. At three fifty we have sports.

We study Chinese, Maths, English, History, Politics and other lessons. We like Chinese. We like English, too. Some of us are good at it.

We go home at five o’clock. We have supper at six o’clock. We do our homework at seven every evening and go to bed at half past nine, but sometimes we go to sleep at about ten. 1. My brother is and I am .

A. a worker, a student B. a student, a worker

C. a student, a teacher D. a student, a student 2. We have at fifteen past twelve.

A. breakfast B. lunch C. supper D. dinner(饭) 3 We begin to do our homework from to every evening.

A.Monday , Friday B. seven, half past nine

C. school, home D. six , eight 4. There are boys and girls in our class.

A. eighteen, twenty-five B. some, any

C. twenty five, eighteen D. many, much

5. Do they often have sports in the morning or in the afternoon?

A. Yes, they do. B. No, they don’t.

B. In the morning. D. In the afternoon.

6A期中复习卷(2) 班级 姓名

一、选出划线部分读音不同的单词。5% ( ) 1. A dear ( ) 2. A year ( ) 3. A three ( ) 4. A phone ( ) 5. A bread 1 2 B bear B there B there B moment B sweater 3 C here C hair C fifth C stop C head 4

D nearby D where D third D photo D tea 5


( )No parking

( )No smoking


( )No littering ( )Do not touch ( )No eating or drinking

2. public signs ________________

4. have a birthday party________________

6. take some photos __________________

8. look around ______________________

10. visit them _______________________

3. twenty(序数词)_______ 1. 许多问题 _________________ 3. 谈论_____________________ 5.十二月二十五号____________ 7. 保持安静_________________ 9. 帮助他 __________________ 四、按要求写词。6% 1. photo(复数)_________ 2. they(宾格)________


1. Can you ______(make) a birthday card for me ?

Yes, I ____________ (make) a model plane now. 4. twelfth(基数词)______ 5. no(同音词)_______ 6. quick(副词)__________

2. What does your mother ? She playing the violin. (like)

3. I’d like to come to ______ (you) birthday party.

4. All the students ______(be) not here now, but they _______ (be) here a moment ago.

5. Su Hai wants _______ (take) some photos.


( ) 1. Nancy ________ TV beside the desk now.

A. watches A. read B. watch C. is watching D. are watching D. to read D. threeth ( ) 2. Su Hai and Su Yang like ________ very much. B. reading C. read books ( ) 3. When’s your father’s birthday? It’s on the ________ of February. A. thirtyth B. thirtieth C. thirteenth

( ) 4. Let ____see. Oh, the dog’s over there, under the desk!

A. me B. I C. we D. they

D. were

D. up ( ) 5. The pair of glasses _____on the bed. A. are A. / B. is C. will B. away ( ) 6. My films are under the desk. Who can pick them ______ for me? C. from

( ) 7. The running race is very ____. All the students are very ___.

A. exciting, excited B. exciting, exciting

C. excited, excited D. excited, exciting

( ) 8. There ___a pair of earphones and some books on the sofa a moment ago.

A. is B. are C. was D. were

( ) 9. – What are you doing?

– I am ____my earphones.

A. looking

B. find C. looking for D. finding D. talks, with ( ) 10. Tom usually _______ his mother _______ his school. A. tells, about B. says, with C. talks, to

Ⅱ栏 七、将Ⅱ栏中与Ⅰ栏相对应的句子的序号填入题前括号内。5% Ⅰ栏

( ) 1. What date is it today? A. It’s on the 23rd of February.

( ) 2. Where is the pen now? B. OK.

( ) 3. What does it mean? C. Sorry, you can’t.

D. I’d like a bookmark. ( ) 4. Would you like a skirt as your present?

( ) 6. What would you like? F. Thank you.

( ) 7. Here’s a present for you. G. Yes, I’d like it.

( ) 8. Can I have a pie? H. It is in front of the lamp.

I. It’s the fifth of May. ( ) 9. When’s your mother’s birthday?


1. They often go to school late. (改成一般疑问句)

_______ _______ often _______ to school late?

2. pick, can, them, up, me please, you, for

______ you pick _______ _______ for _______ ,please?

3. I’d like a big cake as a birthday present. (对画线部分提问)

_______ would _______ _______ as a birthday present?

4. Jim is playing football now. (改为否定句) Jim _______ football now.


( ) 5. Don’t make some noise. E. They were there a moment ago. ( ) 10. They aren’t there now. J. It means “ Danger”!

Come and see my sitting room, please. There are a lot of things in it. Look!This is a pair of glasses. They’re on the chair now. They’re my grandpa’s. That’s my father’s mobile phone, it’s on the sofa now, but it was in his bag just now. And the CD Walkman beside the mobile phone is very beautiful. My mother likes it very much. Because(因为)she likes listening to music. There are some CDs beside it. Oh, where’s my diary? Ah, it’s on the floor now. I must go and pick it up .

( )1.This is a bedroom.

( )2.My grandmother’s glasses are on the chair.

( )3.The mobile phone is in the bag now.

( )4.There is a CD Walkman . My mother likes it very much.

( )5.I have a diary on the floor. I shouldn’t pick it up.

It is nine thirty in the morning. Mr Green and his students are going out on a picnic. They’re now in the park. The children are having a good time at the moment. Look, the girls in the beautiful dresses are Su Hai and Su Yang. They’re singing and dancing. Who’s the girl under the big tree? She is Nancy. She is reading a storybook carefully. Where is Mr Green? He is playing games with Helen and other students. But Liu Tao and David are fishing near the river. Then a park keeper comes up to them. He points to a sign near the river. He says to the boys, “Can’t you see the sign over there? It’s Says ’No fishing, please’.” Liu Tao and David say sorry and leave(离开)there quickly.

( )1. It’s .

A. half past ten in the morning B. nine thirty in the evening

C. half past nine in the morning

( )2. Mr Green and his students are .

A. in the zoo B. at school C. in the park

( )3. The twins(双胞胎) are .

A. reading a storybook carefully B. singing and dancing

C. playing games with Mr Green

( )4. Nancy is reading .

A. under the tree B. on the grass C. near the river

( )5. The sign near the river means .

A. you must keep quiet B. you can’t fish here C. you can’t touch it

6A期中复习卷(3) 班级 姓名

一、找出单词划线部分发音不同的单词,将其序号填在题前括号内。 ( )1. A. bread B. sweater C. mean D. head ( )2. A. must B. costume C. but D. public ( )3. A. pear B. year C. hear D. near ( )4. A. under B. her C. danger D. keeper ( )5. A. there B. with C. fourth D. they


1.懂得许多关于动物的知识 2.两副眼镜

3.在6月 4.三副耳机

5.我的手机 6.为她拍些照

7.第二天 8.一张10元纸币

9.第五节语文课 10.一场令人激动的足球赛


( )1.Mr Green .But he finds nobody.

A、look for B、looks around C、look around D、looks at

( )2.The park keeper _____the man.

A、come up B、come up to C、comes up to D、come to

( )3.It’s time class. We play games.

A、for ; shouldn’t B、to ;shouldn’t C、for; should D、to ;should ( )4.Ben’s ____ a birthday party with lots of his friends.

A、as B、is having C、having D、have

( )5.Jim would ____ some stamps____ his birthday present.

A、like; as B、like ;for C、want ;as D、want; for

( )6.They are talking ____their hobbies___ their friends.

A、with; with B、\;with C、about; with D、to; with

( )7. do you get up every morning? At about six.

A、When B、What C、What date D、Where

( )8.There____ a pair of ____ on the desk a moment ago.

A、is ;glass B、was ;glasses C、is; glasses D、are; glasses

( )9.The swimming race is very ,all the people are very____.

A、excite; exciting B、excited; exciting

C、exciting; excited D、excited; excited

( )10.I’d like a walk. Can you go with ?

A、to take; I B、to take; me C、 take; I D、take; me


1.The sign means ‘No ’. (climb)

2.____Mrs Black____ (water) the flowers every day?

3._____(not open) the window, please! It is cold today!

4.Mr smith _____(take) a walk in the park now.

5. My little brother always likes_____(ask) me a lot of questions.

6. Today is the _____(twelve) of August.

7. _____(be) you a teacher two years ago? No, I ______(be). 8. How many (diary)can you see on the teacher’s desk?


( )1.What day is it today? A. No, you can’t.You should go to bed now.

( )2.What does it mean? B. No, he is talking to his friends now.

( )3.They aren’t there now. C. They were there a moment ago.

( )4.Can I play the computer games? D. It means you should be quiet.

( )5.When is your father’s birthday? E. He was at home a moment ago.

( )6.When is the Children’s Day? F. Happy birthday to you!

( )7.Today is my birthday. G. Yes ,I ’d like.

( )8.Where was Tom a moment ago? H. It’s on the 3rd of October.

( )9.Is Mr smith reading a newspaper now? I. Today is the first of January.

( )10. Would you like a puppet as your birthday present? J. It is on the 1st of June.


1.My father was at home a moment ago. (改为一般疑问句) father at home a moment ago?

2.This sign means ‘No smoking’. (对划线部分提问) this sign ?

3.He’d like to watch cartoons. (对划线部分提问) like ?

4.It was the 1st of July yesterday(昨天). (对划线部分提问) yesterday? 5.Tom is sitting next to me. (对划线部分提问) Tom ?

The sign means we should’t make noise (同意句转换) The sign means we .


1.告诉别人不能在草地上走,你说: You the grass.

2.告诉别人你的生日在五月三日,你说: My birthday is .

3.你问别人刚才在哪里说: you ?

4.你问别人是否想要一个葡萄蛋糕作为生日礼物说: you a cake lots grapes a birthday present?

5.告诉别人不同的标志意指不同的事说: Different .

八、根据上下文和首字母完成对话,每空一词 Mr Smith is t a walk in the park. Suddenly, he s a note on the grass. He w to the note and p it up. A park keeper c up to him and says ‘C you see the sign over there? F ten yuan.’ Oh, the sign m keep off the grass, Mr Smith m g ten yuan to the park keeper.


1、What does the sign “No smoking” mean?


2、When’s your mother’s birthday?


3、What date is it today?(六月三日)


4、Were you at home just now?


5、What would you like as a birthday present?



It was very cold in the morning.I was playing with some of my classmates in HuangShanHu park.We were running about on the ice,laughing and

joking.Suddenly,something dangerous happened(发生).The ice broke(破) and one of my classmates fell(掉) into the cold water.We all shouted,“Help!Help!”Just at this time,a boy of the same age ran over.With the help of him,we pulled(拉) our classmate out of the water.

In the face to danger,the boy was very brave.We all admire(敬佩) him very much.I will never foget(忘记) him. What a lovely world we live in.


( )It wasn’t hot in the morning.

( )I was playing with my classmates in a zoo.

( )One of my classmates likes swimming in the cold water.

( )A young man ran over and pulled our classmate out of the water.

( )Here the word “Help!”means 救命.


It is nine thirty in the morning. Mr. Green and his students are going out on a picnic. They’re now in the park. The children are having a good time. Look, the girls in the beautiful dresses are Su Hai and Su Yang. They’re twins. They’re singing and dancing. Who’s the girl under the big tree? She is Nancy. She is reading a storybook carefully. Where is Mr. Green? He is playing games with Helen and other students. But Liu Tao and David are fishing near the river. Then a park keeper comes up to them. He points to a sign near the river. He says to the boys, “Can’t you see the sign over there? It says ‘No fishing, please’.” Liu Tao and David say sorry and leave there quickly.

( )1. It’s

A. half past ten in the morning.

B. nine thirty in the evening.

C. half past nine in the morning. ( ) 2. Mr. Green and his students are .

A. in the zoo B. at school C. in the park ( ) 3.The twins are .

A. reading a storybook carefully.

B. singing and dancing.

C. playing games with Mr. Green. ( ) 4. Nancy is reading .

A. under the tree B. on the grass C. near the river ( ) 5. The sign near the river is .

A. B. C.

6A期中复习卷(4) 班级 姓名


1.take off(反义词) 2. diary (复数)_______________

3.early (反义词) __________ 4.come(过去式)________________

5. just now(同义词组)_________6.play (过去式)____________

7. milk (过去式) 8.close(反义词) _____________

9.No. (完全形式) 10.same(反义词)_____________


1.环顾四周 2.刚才

3.在七月三号 4.拜访她_________________

5.保持安静 6.blow out the candles

7. different things __________ 8.take off her costume

9. at Ben’s birthday party________10.pick the film up for me


to for at of about in on

1.It’s 12 o’clock. It’s time lunch.

2.The man the middle is my father, the woman ______my left is my mother. 3.They want to buy a book animals.

4.Yang Ling is showing a map the town her friends. 5.You can take a bus and get off the third stop.


1. A: Where ______ you just now? B: I _____ in the teachers’ office. (be)

2. Liu Tao often ______ (get) up at six . It’s six o’clock. But he _________(sleep) now.

3. My brothers _________ (like) asking ________ ( she ) some questions.

4. _____________ (not walk) on the grass .

5. What (do) this sign mean?

6. You (should) walk on the grass,you _____(should) keep off the grass.

7.Would you like _______ (have ) a rest?

8. Thursday is the _____(five) day in a week.

9.I’m a primary school student.I’m ________,and my Dad is _______ (four)

10. It means “No ” . We shouldn’t ______(smoke).

11、The cartoon is ________.The children are very ______.(excit)


1 He is a teacher. He works in a __________.

2 When you leave, please ________ _________ the light in the classroom.

3 The students don’t go to school on ___________ and ________.

4 Children often catch _________ which ________ at night in summer.

5 It’s very hot, would you like to ________ the windows?

6 My grandmother is ill. I have to stay at home and ________ _________ her. 7 Be _________. The baby is sleeping now.

8 Henry is an English name, but Xiao Ming is a ________ name.

9 It’s raining outside. Take an ________ with you.

10 I am 12 today. My friends came to my home for my birthday ________.


1.diary,the,the,over,on,is,there,bookcase (.) (连词成句)


2. You,can,old,glasses,for,the,pick,this,up,man(?) (连词成句)


3.Yang Ling comes to school early every day.(改为一般疑问句)

________________________________________________________ 4.David was in the Music room ten minutes ago.(对画线部分提问)


5.Liu Tao does well in Maths.(改为否定句)



It is a fine Saturday morning. There are a lot of children in the park near the river. They are students of No 1 Primary School. They are in Grade Six. There are three teachers with them. All of the students are Young Pioneers. They are having their Children’s day.

They are playing games together,. Some students are playing basketball. Some students are flying kites. They are very happy.

1.Is it a windy day?

________, ________ ________. It’s a ________ day.

2 Where are they playing games? In ________ ________ , near the _________. 3 How many teachers are there? There are _________ teachers there.

4 What are the students doing?

Some students are ________ _________. Some students are ________ ________.


1 What is always coming, but never arrives. ________________

2 If Tom’s father is Peter’s son, then Tom is Peter’s __________.

3 What letter is a part of a head?__________________________

4 My uncle has a brother, but he is not my uncle. Who is she?


5 What letter is between the ‘sea’?________________________

6A期中复习卷(5) 班级 姓名

一、判断下列每组单词的划线部分读音是否相同,用“√”或“×”表示 1.( ) wait rain 2.( ) doll smoke 3.( ) pear near 4.( ) live film 5.( ) down flower


1.near the earphones________________ 2.on the phone_______________________

3.take some photos__________________ 4.pick them up for me_________________

5.take off her costume_________________ 6.a roll of film_______________________

7.go home together____________________ 8.在三月一日______________________

9.什么日期_________________________ 10.在草地上________________________

11.寻找她的照相机___________________ 12.禁止停车________________________

13.鸟笼 ____________________________ 14.散步____________________________



1. ________(do) Helen usually have a birthday party?

2. She ________(be) looking for a camera a moment ago.

3. Tom usually ________(have) a birthday party at home.

4. Let ______(I) take some photos for _______ (they).

5. Today is the _______(twelve) of May.

6. I’d like ______(watch) a Japanese cartoon.

7. It is very _______(excite). All the students are very _________(excite).

8. Tom, __________(not go) here, please.


( )1. What are you _____? A roll of film.

A. finding B. look for C. looking for

( )2. I want to learn more _____ the Internet.

A. with B. about C. of

( )3. We live on the ______ floor.

A. second B. two C. the second

( )4. What do you like ______?

A. do B. doing C. does

( )5. The cat is ______ the sofa. So you can’t see it.

A. near B. on C. behind

( )6. Where _____ you just now? I_____ in the guarden.

A. are, is B. am, was C. were, was

( )7. There ______ a pair of _____ on the chair.

A. is, glasses B. is, glass C. are, glasses

( )8. When’s Children’s Day? It’s _______.

A. the 1st of July B. on the 1st of June. C. in the 1st of June.

( )9. My birthday’s ______ soon.

A. coming B. comes C. is coming

( )10. _______ is the third month of a year.

A. May B. March C. April

( )11. They are talking _____ Ben’s birthday.

A. about B. with C. of

( )12. It’s time ______ some cakes.

A. to B. for C. for have

( )13. _______ you see the sign on the wall?

A. Are B. Can’t C. Would

( )14. We shouldn’t _____ here and there.

A. litter B. littering C. litters

( )15. My father’s birthday is ______ August.

A. on B. in C. at


A: _______ me, Miss Li. I _______ find my umbrella.

B: _______ ________ is your umbrella?

A: It’s red.

B: I saw a red umbrella near the widow _______ now.

A: But it isn’t ______ now.

B: Let’s go and find it together.

A: All ________.

B: Look, it’s under the teacher’s chair.

A: I’m so happy to find it. Because it’s my ______ present ______ my grandmother. B: How nice.

A: __________.


1. It is S______ Day.

2. Su Hai and Su Yang are w______ the r ______ r________.

3. Can you see the sign “D_______!”?

4. Keep q______ ! They are l_______ to the music.

5. I can l______ a lot from it.

6. You s______ t_______ it. It’s dangerous!




—— ________ I _______ here?

—— ________, you ______. That sign ______ “______ _______”.


This is ______ ______ ______.


He ______ _____. There is ______ ______ _______.


You ______ _______ and see.


The teacher often______ and _______ me.


( )1. Where’s Jim’s camera? A. They’re looking for the films.

( )2. Is it your bag? B. Oh, yes, it is.

( )3. Can I have them, please? C. He wants to take some photos.

( )4. Where are they now? D. Oh, no, you can’t.

( )5. What are they doing? E. They are on the ground.

( )6. Can you pick them up for me? F. No, they aren’t.

( )7. Where were they a moment ago? G. Sure.

( )8. Are they running? H. They were in the yellow box.

( )9. What does he want to do? I. They are watching a.race.

( )10.What are they looking for. J. It’s in your bag.


1. When’s Teachers’ Day?

2. Would you like a big cake as your birthday present?

3. What does the sign “No eating or drinking!” mean?

4. What day is it today?

5. Where were you just now?



Today is the eighteenth of February. It’s Friday, too. Tomorrow is Bill’s birthday. There will be a birthday party at his home. Bill’s classmates Yang Ling, Sam, Kin and I are going to join his party. Yang Ling will give Bill a diary. Kin will give him a telescope. Sam and I will give him some picture books and some VCDS of Chinese Cartoons. The party starts at seven past six. I think, we will eat the cake, play games, sing and dance together in the evening. I hope we will have a good time.

( )1. Who gives a telescope to Bill as a birthday present?

A. Sam B. Yang Ling C. I D. Kin

( )2. The party begins at ________.

A. 7:06 B. 6:07 C. 5:53 D. 6:53

( )3. Tomorrow is ______.

A. Friday B. the 18th of February C. the19th of February D. evening

( )4. The children don’t ______ at the party.

A. sing songs B. dance C. draw pictures D. have cakes

( )5. San, Yang Ling and I are ______.

A. in different classes B. boys C. the same age D. in the same class

(二)阅读短文,判断所给句子是否与短文内容相符,相符的写“T”,不相符的写“F”。 It’s five forty in the morning. Mr Smith is cutting the grass in his garden. Mr Green comes out and helps him. Mr Smith is very happy and he asks Mr Green, “Do you often help people cut grass?” “No!” “So why do you get up and help me?” “I help you cut the grass so that(为的是) I can go back sleep again.”

( )1. It’s very late in the morning.

( )2. Mr Smith is helping Mr Green cut the grass.

( )3. Mr Green doesn’t often help people cut the grass.

( )4. Perhaps Mr Green and Mr Smith are neighbours(邻居).

( )5. Mr Green likes Mr Smith, so he helps Mr Smith cut the grass.

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