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It is the last day of May today. It is Grandma’s birthday. Father, mother and I go to see her. She lives with my uncle in a village not too far away. Early in the morning, we buy a birthday cake and some fruit and go to her home by bus. Grandma and uncle are very happy to see us. We give the present to Grandma and say,’Happy birthday to you!” She is very happy. Then we sit down to talk. Uncle goes to prepare the lunch. The meal is very nice. We all enjoy it very much. At 4 o’clock, we say goodbye to them and go back home.


( ) 1. Grandma’s birthday is ___________.

A. Today B. May C. On May 31st D. On May 30th

( ) 2. Grandma lives _______.

A. with my parents B. With my uncle C. far away D. alone.

( ) 3. What do we buy for Grandma’s birthday?

A. Some books. B. A birthday cake

C. Presents D. A birthday cake and some fruit

( ) 4. We ____-with Grandma in her house.

A. talk and enjoy a nice lunch. B. prepare lunch with Uncle.

C. talk and play D. enjoy the birthday cake.

( ) 5. Which sentence is not right?

A. Uncle is a farmer in a village. B. We take a bus to see Grandma.

C. Grandma is very happy to see us. D. We get back home late today.


One day an old lady wants to London to see her daughter. She gets up early and gets to the station at 9 o’clock in the morning. Because this is her first travel to London, she doesn’t know the train time. She is worried. At that moment, she sees a little boy running to her. She stops him and asks him what time the train will get to the station and when the train will leave for London.

The boy looks at the woman and says: tu: tu: tu: tu: tu:., just like firing a gun. Then she runs away. The old lady is very surprised and gets angry. She sits on a chair and thinks about the boy’s words. Then she begins to smile. She can’t help crying out, “What a clever boy! He tells me the time in such a way.” Do you know the time?


( ) 1. The old lady wants to go to London to see her daughter.

( ) 2. The old lady stops the boy because she wants to ask the way.

( ) 3. The boy tells the lady the time.

( ) 4. The train will get the station at 1:58 and leave for London at 2:00.

( ) 5. The old lady begins to smile because she isn’t late for the train.


“Sam,” says his father, “Put on your cap(帽子) and let’s go out for a walk.” Sam is happy. He likes to go out with his father. He puts on his cap and coat and says “Father, I’m ready.” Sam and his father go out into the street. Suddenly(突然) a big black dog catches their eyes. The dog begins to bark(叫). Sam is afraid of the dog. He wants to run home. His father says “Don’t be afraid, Sam. Don’t you know the saying(谚语)—A barking god doesn’t bite(咬)?” “ Oh, yes.” Says Sam, “I know the saying, you know the saying, but does the dog knows the saying?”


( ) 1. Sam’s father asks Sam to go for a walk with a big black dog.

( ) 2. When they come to the street, they see a big black dog.

( ) 3. When the dog begins to bark, Sam runs back home.

( ) 4. Sam’s father tells him not to be afraid because a barking dog doesn’t bite.

( ) 5. The dog bites Sam, because it does not know the saying.


Mr Smith likes to be exact. One day when he is walking in the street, a man comes over and asks him, “Excuse me, where’s the nearest book shop?”

“The nearest book shop? You have to cross a bridge and then turn to the right.” “ Is the bridge long?”

“ Yes, it’s about thirty metres.”

The man thanks him and goes towards the bridge. Suddenly he hears someone running after him. “Stop!”” Mr Smith is shouting, “I’m sorry. I just remember the bridge is forty metres long. If you go thirty metres and then turn to the right, as I told you to do, you’ll fall into the river.”


1. Where is Mr Smith walking?


2. Where does the man want to go?


3. Does the man know the way?


4. How long is the bridge exactly?


5. Will the man turn to the right at the thirtieth metre?



When Betty was fishing, she dropped her watch. It fell into the water. Betty was sad because it was her best watch. The next day, Betty went fishing again. She put her hook into the water. When she pulled it up, there was her watch. It was caught on her hook. Betty didn’t catch any fish, but she was happy. She had her watch again.


( ) 1. In the story, Betty went _________.

A. fishing B. to school C. to work D. riding.

( ) 2. Betty dropped her watch ________.

A. into a fire B. into the water C. into a shop D. at school

( ) 3. When Betty got her watch back, _______.

A. she didn’t want it. B. she gave it away.

C. the watch was new D. she was happy.

( ) 4. Betty lost her _____ when she went _______.

A. best watch, school B. watch, school

C. best watch, fishing D. watch, fishing

( ) 5. What’s the meaning of “hook”?

A.鱼饵 B.鱼钩 C. 网兜 D. 钓鱼网

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