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时量:60分钟 分值:100分 出卷人 :Tiffany



( )1、A.same B. some C. sun ( )2、A.letter B. let C. little ( )3、A.fly B. climb C. floor ( )4、A.how B. where C. when ( )5、A.interested B. interesting C. India

Ⅱ. 情景应答(听句子,选择适当的答句)(5分)

( )1、A. Here you are B. Come in, please!

C. Thank you! (

)2、A. Happy birthday, too.

B. Thank you!

C. Merry christmas. ( )3、A. I'm good at swimming. B. I like swimming. C. Yes, I am. ( )4、A.Yes, I can. . B. No, I can, C. Yes, I am. ( )5、A.Yes, she doesn't. B. She often watches TV. C. No, she doesn't.


( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )


1、 There are________people in the shop.

2、 Peter went to the _______ ________ with Anne. 3、 You are good at __________.

4、 Our flat is __________________their flat. 5、 Peter is _______ than _______.


Ⅰ. 英汉互译(10分)

书店__________________ watch a film _______________ 足够的________________ painting _________________ 好主意________________ dumpling _________________ 擅长于________________ interesting _________________ 图书馆________________ a pair of _________________

II. 基础选择( 20分):

( ) 1. Mr Wang is ____English teacher, and his son is _____Chinese teacher. A. a, an B. an, an C. an, a

( ) 2. There _____ an apple on the table. A. is B. am C. are

( ) 3. Mingming likes ________a film.

A. watch B. watches C. watching

( ) 4. My mother wanted ___________ the car. A. wash B. to wash C. washing

( ) 5. Have you _______ enough money? A. got

B. gets C. get

( ) 6. He ______ a bird under the tree last month. A. see B. sees C. saw

( ) 7. Lingling is _______in our class.

A. taller B. tallest C. the tallest

( ) 8. Picture1 is _________ than Picture2.

A.beautifuler B. more beautiful C. most beautiful

( ) 9. The butcher gives ________meat to the dog. A. piece B. a piece C. a piece of

( ) 10. Peter is good at __________.

A. swim B. swimming C. swiming

Ⅲ. 选词填空。(10分)

1. A: ________you like apples? 2. A: __________ is Peter? B: Yes, I do. B: He is 6 years old.

3. A: _________ do you like doing? 4. A: ________are you going? B: I like drawing. B: I'm going to school.

5. A: ___________pencils are there? B: There are eleven pencils.

Ⅳ. 连词成句我最棒。(20分)

1. good are drawing You at .


2. to go World the Let's Underwater.


3. this much is toy How bike ?


4. is Ann's present This birthday .


5. have again I lesson music .


Ⅴ. 阅读下面短文,选择最佳答案。(10分)

I am a student in China now. My name is Kelly. I live with my parents, two sisters and a brother in Beijing. My parents teach English in No. 6 Middle School. I study in the same school. I am happy here, because I like my new school and the classmates. They are very kind to me. They like to play with me because I look different from them. I have blue eyes and long blond hair. They often say I look like a doll. I speak English well, so lots of students like to talk with me to improve (提高) their English.

( ) 1. How many people are there in Kelly`s family? A. 3 B. 5 C. 6

( ) 2. Kelly`s parents are _______.

A. doctors B. teachers C. Farmers

( ) 3. Why does Kelly like her new school? A. Because it is very big. B. Because it is very beautiful

C. Because the calssmates are kind to her.

( ) 4. What color are Kelly`s eyes?

A. blonde B. black C. Blue

( ) 5. Why do students like to talk with Kelly? A. Because Kelly is a beautiful girl.

B. Because Kelly`s English is very good.

C. Because Kelly is very interesting.

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