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时量:60分钟 分值:100分 出卷人 :Tiffany



( )1、A.eight B. twelve C. tiger ( )2、A.we B. she C. he ( )3、A.small B. big C. old ( )4、A.go B. come C. Run ( )5、A.bread B. dumpling C. Rice

Ⅱ. 根据你所听到的句子,给下列句子排序。(10分) ( )How old are you? ( )What's this?

( )How many triangles are there? ( )I don't know

( )Their door is brown.

Ⅲ、听录音,补全下列句子。(10分) 1、 The _____ is naughty. 2、 ____ are my rulers. 3、 Can you_______ high?

4、 I don't like_____.

5、 Whose________is this?


一、读和写。 (20分)

1. jam and bread my purse

2、What are these?

3、Look at the elephant, it's big.

二、用所给字母组合成单词。 (10分)

_________ _____________

___________ ______________

三、单项选择。 (10分)

( )1、I am Anne. This is ___scarf.

A、me B、my C、I ( )2、Can you write ______English? A、in B、on C、at ( )3、Our flat is in front ____ our flat. A、of B、for C、off ( )4、------Where ______my shoes? ------_________in your cupboard.

A、is, It's B、are, It's C、are, They are ( )5、-----Can you write? -----Yes, _______

A、I can B、I can't C、he can't

四、连词成句我最棒。 (20分) 1、room Their number 6 is .

____________________________________________ 2、that purse Is your ?


3、 you can What see ?

_________________________________ 4、birds' are Those eggs .

____________________________________________ 5、Look this monkey at .


五、情景交际。 (10分)

( )1、早上好,你好吗? A、Good morning, who are you? B、 Good morning, how are you? C、Hello, Tom! How old are you?

( ) 2、那是什么,玲玲? A、What's this, Lingling? B、What's that, Lingling? C、What are you, Lingling?

( )3、Are you soldiers? A、We're soldiers.

B、Yes, we are traffic police. C、No, we're traffic police.

( )4、What do you like? A、 I like noodles.

B、 I don't like noodles. C、 I like rices. D、

( )5、请你想一想,一只老鼠会怎么样介绍自己: A、I am a mouse, I am small. B、I am an mouse, I am small. C、I am a mouse, I can talk.

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