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时量:60分钟 分值:100分 出卷人 :Tiffany

一、读和写。 (20分) 1. collecting stickers your English book

2、What hobbies do you like, Lingling? 二、看中文补全单词。 (20分) 1、水 2、 短的 3、糖果 4、 汤 5、借 w__ t__r sh__ __t s__ee__ s__ __p b__rro __ 6、小狗 7、那 8、悲伤的 9、老师 10、生气的 p__pp __ t__ __t s__ d t__ a__gr__

三、用所给字母组合成单词。 (10分)

_________ ____________ _____________

___________ ______________ 四、单项选择。 (20

分) ( )1、-----___ ------Yes? A 、 Sorry! B、Excuse me! C、That's OK. ( )2、You _____have a puppy.But you can have a parrot. A、can B、cannot C、are ( )3、 A、I B、You C、My mother

( )4、------Do vyou have any hobbies? ------________.

A、I like this. B、He likes eating C、I like roller-blading.

( )5、-----Do you cook the meal at home? ----- _______

A、Yes, I do. B、Yes, you do. C、No,I do.

( )6、My mother________. I help her.

A、makes the bed B、 cooking a meal. C、clean the house.

( )7、 Let's go ____ the East Bus Station. A、to B、for C、of

( )8、 _______ the picture.

A、Look B、See C、Look at

( )9、He _____ his face every day.

A、wash B、washs C、washes

( )10、These _____ nice.

A、is B、am C、are

五、连词成句。 (20分)

1、 have you Do sweets any ?

____________________________________________ 2、 English I your book Can borrow?


3、 to that I'm hear sorry .


4、 is this how raincoat much?

____________________________________________ 5、 T-shirt I have can a ?


六、阅读理解。 (10分)

Father, mother and I are in the market. I choose a box of sweets because they are good to eat. My nother chooses some apples because that are good for health, and she also choose some fish for our kitten. My father chooses some cold drinks because the weather is so hot.

根据短文内容,判断正(√)误(×)。 ( ) 1、My family are in the market. ( ) 2、My father chooses some fish.

( ) 3、The apples are good for health, so my mother chooses some. ( ) 4、I choose a box of chocolate. ( ) 5、Kitten chooses some fish.

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