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时量:60分钟 分值:100分

一、写出下列字母的大写或小写。 (12分)

1.n___ 2 h.____ 3.q____ 4.r ___ 5.e _____ 6.t _____ 7.A___ 8.I____ 9. M____ 10.O___ 11.S_____ 12.B____


or__n__e (桔子) s__ck (生病的) pl__te (盘子) no__d__es(面条) c__p (杯子) fi__e (好的) 三、把下列图片和相匹配的单词连接起来。(8分)

四、单项选择。 (20分)

( )1. How ____ you? A. is B. are C. am

( )2.- ____ is your number? -- My number is five. A. Who B. What C. What’s

( )3. What _____ is this balloon? --It’s pink. A. colour B. clock C. are ( )4.I’m ___ . I don’t know. A.OK B. sorry C. great

( )5.-Is this number eight ? --__________ A. No, it is. B. Yes, it isn’t. C. No, it isn’

t. ( )6. --What’s _____time ? –It’s seven o’clock. A. a B. are C. the

( )7. How ___ pens are there? A.much B. many C. old ( )8. Happy birthday ___ you!

A. to B. for C. about

( )9. --How ___ are you? --I’m nine. A. much B..old C. about

( )10.--This isn’t my food. –It’s _____food. A. you B.my C.your

五、找朋友。 (24分)

white 白色 |

零 red 绿色 |

钟表 blue 蓝色 |

12:00 pink

黄色 | 白天 yellow 红色 |

夜晚 green

粉红色 | 11:00 六、连一连,请将下列句子选择合适的答语。 (18分)

A. My number is five. B. Three books.

C. I’m fine, thanks.

D. It’s seven o’clock.

E. I’m


F. My name is Chen Dong. 七、抄写句子。 (8分) 1. What colour is this balloon?

2. There are fourteen books.

3. Sit down, please.

4. My name is Li Fang

八、情景交际。 (15分)

( )1.当你让别人数一数书本时,应说:

A. Please count the books. B. Please look at the books. ( )2. 当你觉得不舒服时,应说: A. I’m fine. B. I’m not well. ( ) 3.当你问别人号码是,应说: A.What’s your number? B. How about you? ( ) 4.当你询问时间时,应说: A. What’s the time? B. What’s your name?

( ) 5.当别人问你7加8等于多少时,你应说:

A.Fifteen B. Fourteen

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