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人教新版 英语五年级上册 课文 1-3单元 DOC文档

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Lesson 1

Miss Liu: Hello, boys and girls. We have two new friends in our class. Come here, Bob and

Zhou Pei. Come to the front.

Bob: Hello! I'm Bob. I'm eleven. I come from Britain.

Zhou: Good morning! I'm Zhou Pei. I'm ten. I come from Beijing.

Class: Welcome to our class!

Both: Thank you!

Miss Liu: Bob and Zhou Pei, go back to your seats, please. Now, let's begin our class. Lesson 3

Zhou: Hello, I'm Zhou Pei. What's your name?

Patrick: My name is Patrick Green.

Zhou: What class are you in?

Patrick: I'm in Class Three, Grade Five. What about you?

Zhou: I'm in Class One, Grade Five.

Patrick: Oh, we're in the same grade. Let's be friends.

Zhou: Great! Where do you live?

Patrick: I live on Green Road.

Zhou: Green Road? What’s your house number?

Patrick: It's 23. How about you?

Zhou: I live at 46 Purple Street.

Patrick: Oh, we live near each other!

Zhou: .OK. Let's go !

Lesson 5

Mum: Who's that girl, Kate?

Kate: She is my new friend.

Mum: What's her name?

Kate: Her name is Zhou Pei.

Mum: How old is she?

Kate: She's ten. She's a pretty girl. She has beautiful long hair and big bright eyes. She's cute

and active.

Mum: Is she good at her school work?

Kate: Yes, she's good at Chinese, maths and science.

Lesson 7

Dad: Who's this?

Lisa: My new friend in the art club.

Dad: Oh,.what a good-looking boy !

Lisa: Look at his yellow hair and blue eyes.

Dad: And he looks very friendly.

Lisa: He's smart, too. He's good at maths.

Dad: What's his name?

Lisa: His name is Ted.

Dad: How old is he?

Lisa: He's twelve. He comes from Australia.

Lesson 9

Peter: Kate,let me introduce my new friends. This is Anna.

Kate: Glad to meet you.

Anna: Glad to meet you, too.

Kate: Where are you from?

Anna: I'm from Canada. I'm good at singing.

Peter: This is Tom.

Kate: Nice to meet you.

Tom: Nice to meet you, too.

Kate: Where do you come from?

Tom: I come from New Zealand. I'm good at singing and dancing.

Kate: Let's sing a song together.

Anna and Tom: OK. Let's sing!

Lesson 11

Peter: Do you know the girl with long hair?

Kate: Yes, she's my friend, Mary.

Peter: Where does she come from?

Kate: She comes from Australia.

Peter: She sings very well, doesn't she?

Kate: Yes, she does.

Peter: Does she like playing the piano?

Kate: Yes, she does. You know, I like singing and she likes playing the piano. So we can play


Lesson 13

Hello! My name is Tom. I'm ten. I'm from Australia. I'm a new student. I'm in Class Two, Grade Five. Here's a picture of my family. This is my father. He's a teacher. This is my mother. She's a tailor. The girl on the left is my sister. Her name is Mary. She's nine. She's a student in Class One, Grade Three. Who's the boy on the right? Is it me? No. It's my brother. The boy in the middle is ME. We look like each other. We're twin brothers! We love our father and mother. And they love us. We are a happy family.

Lesson 15

Wei Min: Hello, everyone! My name is Wei Min. I'm eleven. I'm in Class Three, Grade

Five. Now let me introduce my parents to you. This is my dad and this is my mum.

Hostess: What's your dad?

Wei Min: He's a doctor.

Hostess: What's your mum?

Wei Min: She's a nurse.

Hostess: Where do they work?

Wei Min: They work in Beijing Hospital.

Hostess: What do you want to be in the future?

Wei Min: I want to be a doctor like my dad.

Hostess: That's a good idea!

Lesson 17

Gao Wei: Hi, Peter. Look at today's newspaper.

Peter: Wow! A fireman.

Gao Wei: Guess who he is.

Peter: Sorry, I don't know.

Gao Wei: Let me tell you. He's my uncle:

Peter: Really? He looks great in his uniform.

Gao Wei: Yes. He’s a good fireman. He often helps people in his work. He's a brave man. Peter: He’s a great man! We should learn from him. How about your aunt?

Gao Wei: She's a policewoman.

Peter: Policewoman? I want to be a policeman in the future.

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