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小学英语外研社安徽版六上unit2 lesson3

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Lesson 3 Fun Reading and Writing
C. Listen and read.
1.Can I take your order? 请问你们(您)要点菜吗? 2.No, thanks. But we’d like four sodas , please. 不,谢谢。但是我们想要四瓶汽水。

Part B: Read A again. Match.
My Hot Dogs Jack’s Bob’s Hamburgers The sandwich shop The kiosk

C. Read A again. Complete the dialogs. Write.
S1: Let’s go to a restaurant. What would you like? S2: I’d like some cake. Let’s go to The Sandwich Shop. S3: I’d like_____________ a hamburger S4: Let’s go to_________________ Bob’s Hamburgers S5: I’d like_____________ some salad S6: Let’s go to_____________ My Hot Dogs S7: I’d like____________ some pizza S8:Let’s go to__________ Jack’s

More Practice
A. Listen and fill in the blanks. some A. I’m hungry! I’d like_______ pizza. like some I’d_____ ______ cake , too. B. I have______ apple. Would you____ it? an like A: No, thanks. want B: I_____ some cookies. Would you like_____ cookies? some d like some A: Mmm! Yes! I’_________ cookies. Thanks!

B. Look at the picture . Answer the questions. Write.
1.Does Ben have some milk? No, he doesn’t. _______________________________ 2. Would Tina like a hot dog? Yes, she would. _______________________________ 3. Would Ben and Tina like some cake? Yes, they would. _______________________________
4. Would Ben like some salad? No, he wouldn’t. _______________________________

? 1.P16-17:8个单词4+1;P18:4个单 词4+1(会拼者可以不写)。 ? 2.基训Unit2:lesson1-lesson3写完. ? 3.听读Unit2:30分钟。家长签字签在 课堂本本课作业后。

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