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Mid-term examination for grade four

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Mid- term examination for Grade four

Class________ Name ______ No.______ Score________ I. Listening: 30%

1. Circle the words that you can hear from the sentences.10%

(1) write white ride (2) triangle rectangle angle

(3) chair hair where (4) short shirt skirt

(5) he’s his she’s (6) classroom classmate class

(7) seventeen seven eleven (8) shape sharp shop

(9)) cook book look (10) angry hungry agree

2. Circle the correct responses to the questions.10%

1) A. No, he’s a policeman. 2) A. I’m a girl.

B. No, he’s a tall man. B. I’m a boy.

C. Yes, he’s a policeman. C. I’m a pupil.

3) A. He’s a postman. 4) A. Here you are.

B. He can drive a car. B. Thank you.

C. He likes swimming C. No, I don’t.

5) A. Yes, it’s my bicycle. 6) A. That’s all right.

B. Yes, it’s May’s bicycle. B. Thank you.

C. Yes, it’s your bicycle. C. OK.

7) A. He’s fine. 8) A. He’s strong.

B. He’s five. B. He’s a doctor.

C. He’s a boy. C. She’s a doctor.

9) A. They are twenty. 10) A. He’s hungry.

B. There are twenty. B. She’s angry.

C. They are triangles. C. She’s brave.


3. Fill in the blanks with the words that you heard.10%

Hello, my name is Bobby. I ______ a rabbit. I am ______. I am small. But I’m ______. I can run. I can ______. But I can’t fly. I like plants. I don’t like ______. Because I’m ______ of the mouse. Look, that is Alice. She is _____ ugly mouse. She is dirty. ______ eyes are small. He has four ______ legs and a long tail. She’s very bad. I don’t like her. He _____ like me, either.

II. Reading and writing. 70%

1. 给出下列名词的单复数形式,不可数名词用“/”12%

____bus __________ ____ tooth________ _____ water________ ____ambulance________ ____toy _________ _____branch ________ ____knife ________ _______mouse _______ _____policewoman________ _____lady ________ ____exercise book__________ ____sheep________

2. 选择题:20%

( ) 1) What’s ______ name? His name is Tim.

A. your B. his C. he

( ) 2) She can swim. But she _______ dive.

A. can B. can’t C. likes

( ) 3) ________ a good driver.

A. He’s B. His C. He

( ) 4) Here _______ your boxes. They are black.

A. am B. is C. are

( ) 5) We are good friends. We are in Class One Grade Four.

________ teacher is Jennifer.

A. We B. The C. Our

( ) 6) Can Eddie ________ in the sea?

A. swimming B. swim C. swims


( ) 7) The lemon juice ________ very sour. I don’t like it.

A. is B. are C. taste

( ) 8) Betty ______ two dogs. They all _______ big eyes.

A. has….are B. have…has C. has…have

( ) 9) Alice _______ eating sweets.

A. likes B. like C. is like

( ) 10) Can you say it again?

A. All right. B. That’s all right. C. You’re right.

( ) 11) Look at him, his arms are long, his legs are long, _____ a tall man.

A. his B. he’s C. him

( ) 12) _______ does Mary do? She’s a nurse.

A. How B. Where C. What

( ) 13) Do you want ________ orange juice?

A. some B. an C. a

( ) 14) What ____ your brothers do? They’re firemen.

A. does B. do C. is

( ) 15) What ______ your sister?

A. is B. does C. do

( ) 16) _____ she hear a drill?

A. Is B. Does C. Can

( ) 17) Tina _____ a pet. It’s a turtle.

A. is B. has C. have

( ) 18) Is the waitress brave? Yes, ____ is.

A. he B. she C. it

( ) 19) What shape is this? It’s a ______. □

A. triangle B. rectangle C. square


( ) 20) I’m not afraid of the mice. I’m ____.

A. angry B. tired C. brave.

3. 改错题(选出错误部分,并将正确的内容写在后面的横线上)8% ( )1)Supergirl can swimming. ___________________


( ) ___________________


( ) ___________________


( ) _________________


( ) 5) I’mA B C

( ) A B C

( ) A B C



4. 改变句型:10%

1) The boy can draw.(变成一般疑问句)___________________________________________________________________

2) My name’s (对划线部分提问)__________________________________________________________________

3) Wendy can ride a horse. (否定句)_______________________________________________________________ 4

2) Don’t ride your bicycle in the playground.(肯定句)_______________________________________________________________

3) My sister is (对划线部分提问)________________________________________________________________

5. 根据短文回答问题20%

Sam is a super dog. He is very big and strong. He has big eyes, long ears and a long tail. Look at his four short legs. They are so strong and he can use them to swim. Sam likes swimming. His friend is Ginger. She is a fat cat. She has blue eyes, short ears and long tails. One day. Sam is hungry. He eats Ginger’s food. Ginger is angry. They are not friends now.

1. Is Sam a big dog? __________________________________________

2. Has Sam short ears? ________________________________________

3. Has Sam strong and short legs?_______________________________

4. Does Sam like swimming?___________________________________

5. Who is Sam’s friend?_______________________________________

6. Has Ginger black eyes?_____________________________________

7. How does Sam feel? ________________________________________.

8. How does Ginger feel? ______________________________________

9. Are Sam and Ginger friends at first?_____________________________

10. Are they friends at last?______________________________________ 5

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