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(人教PEP)六年级英语上册课件 Unit 4 第一课时

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Unit4 I Have a Pen Pal
Lesson 1

A:What is your hobby?

B:I like….

riding a bike

A:What is his hobby? B:He likes ....


I like….

making kites

What is her hobby? She likes....

playing the violin

collecting stamps

What is your hobby? Play, play, I like Collect, collect, I like Ride, ride, I like

What is your hobby? playing the violin. collecting stamps. riding a bike.

Make, make, I like Dive, dive, I like

making kites. diving.

Can you write?
? 写出下列动词的-ing形式。

? collect-play-watch-? ride-make---- dive--? run-swim-你发现了什么?

Can you say?

Hello! I ’m…. I am …. years old. I like…. I have a pen pal.She/He likes....


? 这节课我学会的单词和短语有: ? 句子有: ? 我还学会了:

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