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Unit 4 seasonsLesson1

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Unit 4 seasons

Lesson 1 It’s spring.



1.掌握新单词:season,year,spring, summer, autumn, winter.

2.能用“What season is it ?”来询问季节,用“It’s

spring/summer...”来回答季节情况;能用“I like/don’t like spring/summer... ”描述对季节的喜好。



2. 培养学生通过观察图画,感受大自然,表述自己的感受的能力。




1、能听懂、会说、认读单词season, year, spring, summer, autumn, winter。

2、能听懂、会说、会读日常交际用语: “What season is it?” “It’s spring/summer/?”




四、教具准备 课件、点读笔、单词卡片.


Step 1 Warming-up

1、Greetings. Good morning, boys and girls. How are you ? What day is today? Do you like music? Let’s sing a song ----“Days of the week”

2、Lead in:

T:We have seven days in a week,yes ?Do you know how many seasons in a year ?

T:Ok,this class we’ll talk about Unit 4 seasons.

Do you know season? (出示单词卡 “season”点读学习新词汇。) Step2 Presentation and cooperation

1、Lead in the text.

T: Today,Miss zhang is talking about the seasons with Danny,too.Now let’s listen and answerthe question: How many seasons do we have in a year? (出示单词卡 “year” 点读学习新词汇。)

S: Four seasons.

T:Yes! (教师引导学生回答)We have four seasons in a year. (板书并领读,利用数字口令游戏练习这个句子)

T;What are they? Now ,look here.(出示课件)What season is it? (板书并领读)

(教师引导学生回答) It’s spring. 教授单词spring . (单词卡)

Chant:Spring, spring, it’s spring.

T:Do you like spring? Ss: Yes, I do. I like spring. (课件展示不同季节大树的图片,引出其他新单词:summer, autumn,winter(单词卡)

2、Competition game.(教师快速出示课本的四季图片以及四个季节的单词卡,让学生根据记忆进行问答比赛)

3、 Listen and repeat.

T: Ok,who can tell me the four seasons. Yes,now let’s listen and repeat.(听录音,指读并注意模仿语音语调)

4.Read in groups, then act.(角色扮演,看谁模仿的最好。)

Step3 Practice and communication

1.Let’s talk.让学生观察四季中花朵的变化,询问这是哪个季节,是否喜欢这个季节,进行同位的问答练习,然后同位展示。句子的问答形式可以是:

--What season is it ?

— It's summer/...

— Do you like summer/...

— Yes ,I like summer ./No ,I don’t like summer .

2.Let’s do.

1)T:Look at the pictures,What season is it ?And match the words with pictures.(学生观察图片,说出图片代表的季节,并连一连)


— It's summer. I like summer.

—It’s winter. I don’t like winter.

— Yes ,I like summer ./No ,I don’t like summer .

3)Pair show (同位展示)

Step 4 Summary and development

1)What have you learnt in this class?(个别学生总结) 结合板书回顾本节课学习单词和句型。

New words: season,year,spring, summer, autumn, winter. Sentences: What season is it ? It’s spring/summer... T: You did very well. I know you like all of the seasons. They are beautiful

and colorful. So we should love our nature, love our life.Please


No pains in spring, no gains in autumn.(不劳无获)


Draw the pictures of the four seasons and communitcate with your classmates.

(画出四季图片, 并运用本课所学句子与同学进行交流.) Blackboard designing:

Unit 4 Lesson 1 It’s spring. We have __four__ seasons in a year

What season is it? It’

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