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上海牛津一年级英语module3 假读卡片

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( one book )two ( two rubbers )three

( three pencils )four ( four rulers )five

(five books)six ( six rubbers )seven ( seven pencils )eight ( eight rullers )

nine ( nine boys)ten (ten girls)How many( How many books? )paper ( paper rabbits ) ( paper rabbits )rabbitapple( one apple )fruit ( fruit shop )pear (six pears)

peach ( one peach)orange (two oranges)supermarket( At the supermarket ) (Apple tree)treered

( Apple red)juicy (Apple juicy)sweet

(Apple sweet)round (Apple round )

( I love you)love (I love to eat)eatrestaurant

( In the restaurant)hamburger (a hamburger)pizza

( a pizza)cake (a cake)pie

(a pie) (May I have a pie,please? )May I have

Here you areThank you Can I help you?banana (banana pie)soupsnack

(At the snack bar)

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