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公开课U4 A

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ride a bike


riding a bike
[ai] [ai]


play the viloin

collect stamps

playing the violin
[ei] [ai] [ I ]

collecting stamps
[?] [e] [? ]

make kites

making kites
[ei] [ai]

I like riding a bike.

( -ing )

What is your hobby? What is your hobby? Playing, playing, I like Collecting, collecting, I like Riding, riding, I like playing the violin. collecting stamps.

riding a bike.

Making, making, I like
Diving, diving, I like

making kites.

Group work Interview eight people and give a report.
What’s your hobby? I like playing football.

Two boys like playing football Three girls like reading books. Two boys like riding a bike. One girl likes diving

( C ) 1. A .ride ( A) 2. A. make ( B)3. A. hobby B. dive C. cinema

B. magazine C. stamp B. collect C. office

( C) 4. A. kite

B. violin

C. this

二.选择题. ( B) 1. I like A. play ( C)2. What A. are

the piano. B. playing

C. plays

your hobby ? B. does C. is

( A) 3. My sister often leaves. A. collects B. collecting C. collect ( C) 4. Three boys going hiking. A. liking B. likes C. like

三.写出适当的英语单词,每空一词. 1.What’s your
2.My mother is 3.We like

(爱好) ?

making (做) a cake for us.

collecting (收集) stamps. ride

4.Can your brother

(骑) a bike ?

(跳水) is my hobby.

1、背诵并抄写本课的短语各两行。 2、用What’s your hobby?来问朋友 和家人的爱好,会用I like…(-ing) 说出自己的爱好.

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