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Unit10 过关题

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一.用am, is,are填空。

1. my book in my schoolbag?

2. Who that man over there with the Jenkins family?

3. Where Lily’s socks?


1. new of schoolbag full books is my

2. jump too and your put in bags in

3. full Claire’s of mother’s people is car


( )1. Lucy and Robert are in garden.

A. her B. his C. Their

( ) 2.--- in your bag?

--- A book.

A. Where’s B.What’s C.Which is

( ) 3. Our English teacher is not old. She is very .

A. dirty B.young C.clean


1. Is your cat clean? (变成复数句子)




六.用my, your, his, her, our, their 完成句子。

1.This house is William’s and Karen’s,. This is house.

2.I’m John Smith. name is John Smith.

3.What’s job? ----He’s an accountant.

4.Is this camera? --- Yes, it’s my new camera. It’s very good.

5. Are they bags? --- No, they aren’t bags. Our bangs are in the car.

6.What’s job? --- She’s the new secretary.

7.Look! You shirt’s dirty! ---You’re right. Shirt is dirty.

8.Karen’s and William’cats are very pretty.

9.Which is house? ---Our house is the one near the river.

10.Is that Polly? --- Yes, that’s right. name ‘s Polly.

11.Is this William ‘s car? ---Yes, it is. It’s new car.

12.Hey, Robert , Paul! Are these your shirts? ---Yes, they ‘re shirts!

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