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五上Unit_4_what_can_you_do_ B_

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Unit 4 what can you do ?
Part B

cook the meals water the flowers wash the clothes

make the bed

sweep the floor

New phrases新短语

make the bed

do the dishes

wash the clothes

set the table

put away the clothes

Let’s chant
? ? ? ? ? wash wash wash the clothes set set set the table make make make the bed do do do the dishes put put put away the clothes

Let's talk
Amy: Can you set the table,Chen Jie? Chen: Yes,I can.I can do the dishes,too. Zhang: Can you wash the clothes? John: No,I can't, but I'd like to have a try!

Make dialogues
make ? A: I’m helpful at home. I can__________ the bed make the Can you _____________?bed wash the too. ? B: Yes, I can. I can _______________clothes ? Can you ______________? wash the clothes ? A: No, I can’t , but I’d like to have a try.
? ? I’d like to :我想, 我愿意 Have a try: 试一试 wash the clothes set the table clean the bedroom do the dishes

make the bed

put away the clothes cook the meals empty the trash water the flowers

What can Robot do ?


Zhang: Robot, can you make the bed ? Robot: No, I can’t. John: Robot, can you do the dishes ? Robot: Sorry, I can’t. Sarah: Robot, can you set the table ? Robot: No, I can’t. Amy: What can you do ? Robot: I can play chess. Chen: Great! Can you use a computer ? Robot: Yes, I can. I am a computer.

play chess

use a computer

What can Robot do ?

Robot Robot

play chess can ________ . use a computer can ________ .

What can’t Robot do ?
Robot can’t
make the bed, set the table and do the dishes

Robot can play chess use a computer

Robot can’t make the bed

do the dishes
set the table

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