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学校_______________ 班级___________ 姓名______________ 学号________ 2013.11 听力部分(30分) 一、听音,选出你所听到的内容。10% ( )1. A. little B. letter C. litter D. later ( )2. A. water B. want C. what D. wash ( )3. A. thirsty B. three C. thirteen D. thirty ( )4 . A. June B. July C. August D. October ( )5. A. 11:20 B. 11:40 C. 12:20 D. 12:02 ( )6. A. take off B. keep off C. turn off D. in front of ( )7. A. No parking B. No littering C. No smoking D. No eating ( )8. A. March 5 B. May 3 C. January 3 D. February 5 ( )9. A. It means you shouldn?t walk on the grass. B. It means you should keep off the grass. C. It means you can go home now . D. It means you can go to bed now . ( )10 . A. My mobile phone is on the table now . B. My pen was in the pencil box just now . C. Mary?s glasses are on the table now . D. Mike?s glasses were on the table just now . 二、 听录音,根据所听问题选出正确的应答。5% ( )1. A. My birthday is on the 10th of November. B. It?s the 21st of May. C. Her birthday is on the 21st of May. D. His birthday is on the 8th of March. ( )2. A. I was in my uncle's home. B. Yes, I do. C. Yes, I did. D. No, I?m not. ( )3. A. I like a yo-yo. B.I?d like a storybook. C. It?s a model car. D. Yes, I?d like to. ( )4. A. It?s under the chair. B.It?s on the bed. C.It?s on the floor. D. It?s on the desk. ( )5. A. Yes, there were. B. Yes, there is. C. Yes, there was. D. Yes, there are 三、根据听到短文,判断正误,用“T”“F”表示。(5%) ( )1. It?s the second of January. ( )2. The children and Mr Zhang are in the park. ( )3. Miss Zhang is looking for her camera. ( )4. Su Hai and Su Yang are helping Mr Zhang. ( )5. At last, they find the camera.

四、 听音, 完成短文。10%

Today is the _________of ________. It is Wang Bing?s ________ . His __________are in his house now. They are___________a party. Wang Bing has got 1 答题不能越过装订

many__________ . Look, __________ are _________ David. He ________ it very much. They are________ happy at the party.



1、散步__________________ 6、ask many questions_______________

2、在三月________________ 7、blow out_______________

3、刚才__________________ 8、make lots of noise _______________

4、七月六日________________ 9、a two-yuan note_________________

5、寻找他的眼镜____________ 10、a funny costume________________

二、 选择填空。(15分)

( )1、There?s________ American student in my class, she is_______girl.

A. an, a B. a, an C. an,the D. a, the

( )2、Your book is under the chair. Please_________.

A. pick up it B. pick it up C. pick them up D. pick up them

( )3、_______ there _______ fruit trees on the farm now?

A.Were, any B. Are,some C. Are, any D. Is , any ( )4、Mary ________ a Chinese book last week.

A.looked B. reads C.readed D. read

( )5、Liu Tao?s brother ________ his stamps now.

A.show us B. showed me C. shows us D. is showing us ( )6、Is the running race ?

A.excite B.exctied C.exciting D. exciteing ( )7、Would you like _______ cakes?

A. some B.any C. a D. a lot

( )8、Try where the things are.

A. remember B. to remember C.remembered D. remembering ( )9、---Did you like the film? --- ________.

A.Yes,I was. B. Yes, it was interesting. C. No, I don?t D.Yes, I do. ( )10、It's time some cakes.

A.to B.of C.for D. for have ( )11、Look, those public signs ________

A.mean different theings B.means different things

C.means the same things D.mean different things

( )12、Which is the first day of a week?

A. Monday B. sunday C. Saturday D. Sunday

( )13、We_______keep quiet in the library.

A. should B. can?t C. shouldn?t D. mustn?t ( )14、When is Children?s Day? It?s____________.

A.the 1st of July B. on the 1st of June C. on 1st of June D. on the 1st of July 2

( )15、They ?re _______their teacher______ their Sports Day.

A. talking to, about B. talk to, about C. with, talk about D. talking about, with、


1. Look, Su Hai___________ (wash) her clothes.

2. A: Can you ___________ (make) a birthday card for him ?

B: No, I?3. ___________ (be) there a girl in the garden just now? ( 12) month of a year.

6. The sign on the wall means “”(smoke)

7. I don? (Japan) cartoons.

8. There aren?t (keep) come up to him.



( ) 1. What date is it today ? A. No. They are his.

( ) 2. What?s she doing ? B. On the 1st of January.

( ) 3. Are these your diaries ? C. There are lots of balls.

( ) 4. When?s Li Ming?s birthday ? D. Let me see. She?s singing.

( ) 5. What?s under the table ? E. It?s the 4th of April_


1、The signs mean .(对画线部分提问)

What ______ they _______?


______ ______ it?

3、I?d like to watch cartoons. (改为一般疑问句)

______ you _____ to watch cartoons.

4、Nancy does her homework in the evenings.(改为否定句)

Nancy ______ ______ her homework in the evenings.

5、Please show your stamps to us . (改为同义句)

Please show your .


1. 南希正问些有关公共标志的问题。

Nancy _______ _______some questions about public signs.

2. 你爸爸的生日在八月吗?不,在10月20日。

your _______ birthday in August? No. It?s on the 20th of Oct. 3

3. 他想要一张美国卡通片的光碟作为他妈的生日礼物。

He like a VCD of American cartoons his mother?s birthday present.

4. 刚才你在操场上吗?

just now?

5. 孩子们正在观看一场激动人心的跑步比赛。

The children are watching running race.



Liu Tao?s grandparents live in a small town near Nanjing.They have a really nice house. On Sunday,we visited them.Liu Tao?s grandpa showed us a lot of stamps from different countries.His grandma cooked us a nice lunch.We liked the food very much.Then,we helped them cleaned their house in the morning.We worked in their garden in the afternoon,We worked for about two hours.We were tired but happy. ( )1、Liu Tao?s grandparents live in a small town near Huai?an.

( )2、Liu Tao?s grandparents?house is very nice.

( )3、We visited Liu Tao?s grandparents on Saturday.

( )4、Liu Tao?s grandma showed us a lot of stamps.

( )5、We were tired but happy


It is nine thirty in the morning. Mr. Green and his students are going out on a picnic. They?re now in the park. The children are having a good time. Look, the girls in the beautiful dresses are Su Hai and Su Yang. They?re twins. They?re singing and dancing. Who?s the girl under the big tree? She is Nancy. She is reading a storybook carefully. Where is Mr. Green? He is playing games with Helen and other students. But Liu Tao and David are fishing near the river. Then a park keeper comes up to them. He points to a sign near the river. He says to the boys, “Can?t you see the sign over there? It says ?No fishing, please?.” Liu Tao and David say sorry and leave there quickly.

( )1. It?s A. half past ten in the morning. B. nine thirty in the evening.

C. half past nine in the morning.

( ) 2. Mr. Green and his students are A. in the zoo B. at school C. in the park

( ) 3.The twins are .

A. reading a storybook carefully. B. singing and dancing.

C.playing games with Mr. Green.

( ) 4. Nancy is reading .

A. under the tree B. on the grass C. near the river

( ) 5. The sign near the river is A. B. C.



一 听录音,选出你所听到的内容。10%

1 litter 2 wash 3 thirteen 4 July 5 11:40 6 take off 7 No smoking 8 May 3 , 9 It means you should keep off the grass. 10 Mike?s glasses were on the table just now .

二 听录音,根据所听问题选出正确的应答。

1 When?s Mike?s birthday?

2 Where were you?

3 What would you like?

4 Where?s my Walkman? It was on the desk just now.

Look, It?s under the chair on the floor.

Q:Where is the Walkman?

5 Was there a cake on the table?


Today is the first of January. It's New Year Day. All the children and Mr Zhang are happy. They go to the park together. SuHai and SuYang are listening to the music near the river. Some boys are playing football on the grass. YangLing and some girls are dancing under the tree. What is Mr Zhang doing? He can't find his camera. It was in his yellow bag just now. But it isn't here now.So he can't take photos. LiuTao and Ben are helping him. At last , they find the camera in the black bag. They take a lot of photos.

四 听录音, 完成短文。10% . It is Wang Bing?s


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