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(考试时间:60分钟 总分:100分)



( ) 1. A. much B. watch C. which

( ) 2. A. night B. sight C. right

( ) 3. A. quickly B. early C. suddenly

( ) 4. A. should B. would C. shouldn?t

( ) 5. A. thirty B. thirteen C. thirtieth

( ) 6. A. stay B. away C. way

( ) 7. A. little B. litter C. letter

( ) 8. A. sing B. sign C. fine


( ) ( ) ( )

( ) ( ) ( )


( ) 1. A. It?s Thursday. B. It?s the 14th of November. C. It was Thursday.

( ) 2. A. They are in the desk. B. It was in the desk. C. They were in the desk.

( ) 3. A. Yes, he is. B. Yes, he did. C. Yes, he does.

( ) 4. A. It?s on the 10th of September.

B. It?s the 10th of September.

C. It?s on the first of June.

( ) 5. A. She picked apples. B. I watered flowers C. He cleaned the house.

( ) 6. A. Yes, there are. B. Yes, they were. C. Yes, there were.

( ) 7. A. I?m in the park. B. I did my homework. C. I was at home.

( ) 8. A. Yes, I did. B. Yes, I do. C. Yes, I was.


( ) 1. A. the first of October B. the thirtieth of September C. the second of October

( ) 2. A. You shouldn?t smoke here.


B. You shouldn?t make noise here.

C. We shouldn?t park our car here.

( ) 3. A. In the sitting--room B. On the fridge C. Near the TV

( ) 4. A. A cat B. A lot of fish and flowers C. An English book

( ) 5. A. They?re talking about Helen?s family photo.

B. They?re talking about Kate?s family photo.

C. They?re talking about the families.

( ) 6. A. Teacher and student B. Mother and son C. Mike and his cousin

( ) 7. A. On his father?s farm. B. On her uncle?s farm. C. On her aunt?s farm.

( ) 8. A. It was Sunday. B. It was Saturday. C. It was Friday.

五、根据所听到的短文,判断正(T)误( F )。(听三遍)(10分)

( )1. It?s half past nine in the morning.

( )2. Su Hai and Su Yang are in the park now.

( )3. Nancy is reading a magazine under the big tree.

( )4. Mr Green are sitting on the grass and playing the games.

( )5. The sign near the river means you shouldn?t fish here.



1. /e? ( ) 2. /ɑ:/ M ch ( )

3. /a? ( ) 4. /e? ( )

5. / ? ( ) 6. /?? ( )

7. /? ) ( )


1. 勿 踏 草 坪

3. 把他们捡起来

5. 摘 苹 果 6. go camping


( ) 1. He?s asking some questions English.

A. / B. about C. with

( ) 2. Where you just now?

A. are B. was C. were

( ) 3. Can you see the bird in the tree? .

A. Yes, you can. B. Yes, you are. C. No, I can?t.

( ) 4. Our Chinese teacher can?t her mobile phone. She is it just now.

A. find, looking for B. finds, looking for C. looking for , finding

( ) 5. you watch the film last Wednesday?

Yes, I watched it with my parents.

A. Do, B. Did C. Were

( ) 6. Liu Tao wants Shuihui Park.

A. visits B. to visit C. visit

( ) 7. There isn?t juice in the fridge. Would you like milk?

Yes, please.

A. any, some B. some, any C. any, any


( ) 8. Did you go to Rugao last weekend?

A. Yes, I was. B, Yes, I did. C. Yes, I am.


1. This sign means (对划线部分提问)

What this sign ?

2. I was born(出生) on the 18th of December. (同义句)

My is the 18th of December.

3. He watches TV every evening. (用yesterday evening 替换every evening改写句子)

He TV evening.

4. would present you a like what as birthday ? (连词成句)

5. They played football last Wednesday. (改为否定句)

They football last Wednesday.

(对划线部分提问) Lin Mei listen to music in the classroom ?


1. Let?s the candles on the cake and say “Happy birthday” to Su Yang.

2. Would you like computer games?

3. They are very at the good news (消息).

4. His birthday is on the of November.

5. We watched a

cartoon at home last Sunday.

6. Li Ping

in the classroom just now.


(1) (2)

1. A: What does this sign _______ ?

B: It means “ ”.

We make noise here.

2. A: Hello, Mike.

B: Hello, Gao Shan.

A: What you do last week?

B: I trees.

A: What did you do?

B: I up carrots.


A. 阅读短文,判断正(T)误(F).

I only save(节约) Six Dollars Now.

John works in a factory, (工厂)and he usually comes at six every morning. He came home 3

early last Friday, and he was angry. His wife went to her husband and looked at him for a few seconds. Then she said to him, ?Why are you angry, John?? ?A bus ticket(票) cost four dollars last week, now it costs three dollars,' John said. ?but that isn't bad, John,? his wife said. ?It's good. Going by bus is cheaper(更便宜) now.? ? Yes, it is,? John said. ?But I always walk to work in the morning, and I walk home in the afternoon. Last week I saved eight dollars every day, but now I only save six dollars now.?

( )1. John is a doctor.

( )2. A ticket cost four dollars last week.

( )3. Going by bus is more expensive(更贵), John thinks.

( )4. John can save six dollars now.

( )5. John came home late last Friday.

B. 根据短文内容,选择正确答案。

It?s the 6th of May. It?s Miss Li?s birthday. The students do not come to school. Yang Ling, Nancy and some other students come to her house. They give some presents to her. Look at this beautiful card. It?s from Yang Ling. She made it yesterday. There?s a lovely rabbit on the card. It?s Miss Li?s favourite animal. That nice purse is from Nancy. It is orange. It has a special shape. It looks like a flower. Miss Li likes it very much. In Miss Li?s house, the students sing a birthday song to her and then they eat a big birthday cake together.

( )1. Where are Miss Li and her students?

A. They are at school. B. They are at Miss Li?s home. C. They are at home.

( )2. When is Miss Li?s birthday?

A. It?s on the 6th of May. B. It?s in May. C. Sorry, I don?t know.

( )3. What?s on the card?

A. There?s a rabbit. B. There?s a purse. C. There?s a flower.

( )4. What colour is the purse?

A. It?s an orange. B. It?s red. C. It?s orange.

( )5. Does Miss Li like the purse?

A. Yes, she does. B. Yes, he does. C. No, she doesn?t



上星期日,李平在公园里,他给花浇水了。他还摘苹果了,拍照了(took photos)。 那天他玩的很开心。














1. watch 2. right 3. quickly 4. would 5. thirty 6. away 7. litter 8. fine


1. A: What would you like? B: I?d like a CD Walkman.

2. A: What does this sign mean? B: It means you shouldn?t litter here and there.

3. A: Happy birthday to you! B: Thank you.

4. A: Where?s your mobile phone? B: It?s under the book.

A: It isn?t there now. B: It was there a moment ago.

5. A: Where are my gloves? B: They?re next to the bag.

6. A: When?s your birthday? B: It?s on the second of February. A: What would you like as a birthday present? B: I?d like a pencil case.

三、 根据你所听到的问题,选择合适的应答句。(听两遍)(8分)

1. What day is it today?

2. Where were your books?

3. Did your father go to the park last Sunday?

4. When?s Teachers? Day?

5. What did your father do just now?

6. Were there any flowers in our school garden?

7. Where were you last weekend?

8. Were you at school yesterday?

四、 根据你所听到的对话和问题,选择正确答案(听两遍)(8分)

1. A: Tomorrow is National Day. We?re going to have a party.

B: Great.

Q: What date is it today?

2. A: What does this sign mean?

B: It means “ No smoking ”.

Q: What does this sign mean?

3. A: Where are my glasses?

B: They were on the fridge just now, but they?re near the TV now.

Q: Where are the glasses now?

4. A: Look at my new picture book.

B: Oh, there are a lot of fish and flowers in it.

Q: What?s in the picture book?

5. A: Here?s my family photo, Helen.

B: Your mother is very beautiful, Kate.

Q: What are they talking about?

6. A: Can I play computer games, Mum?

B: Oh, no. Mike, you should read English first.


Q: Who are talking ?

7. A: What did you do last weekend, Yang Ling?

B:I pulled up carrots on my aunt?s farm.

Q: Where was Yang Ling last weekend?

8. A: What day is it today?

B: It?s Saturday. I don?t go to school. I?m doing my homework at home now. Q: What day was it yesterday?

五、 根据所听到的短文,判断正(T)误( F )。(听三遍)(10分)

It is nine thirty in the morning. Mr. Green and his students are going out on a picnic. They?re now in the park. The children are having a good time at the moment. Look, the girls in the beautiful dresses are Su Hai and Su Yang. They?re singing and dancing. Who?s the girl under the big tree? She is Nancy. She is reading a storybook carefully. Where is Mr. Green? He was under the tree just now. Look, He is playing games with Helen and other students. But Liu Tao and David are fishing near the river. Then a park keeper comes up to them. He points to a sign near the river. He says to the boys, “Can?t you see the sign over there? It says ?No fishing, please?.” Liu Tao and David say sorry and leave there quickly.


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