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清河中学六年级英语期中试卷 满分:100分 时间:100分钟

Ⅰ.单项选择(每小题1分,计40分)。 从每题A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出一个最佳答案。 ( ) 1.— How do you go to Canada?

— I go __________.

A. by the plane B. on the plane C. by plane D. on plane

( ) 2. When the traffic is _________, we must stop.

A. red B. green C. blue D. yellow

( ) 3. The hospital is far _________ our school.

A. to B. a bout C. from D. for

( ) 4. __________, is there a cinema near here?

A. Excuse me B. Sorry C. Thank you D. Excuse

( ) 5. How can I __________ Zhongshan Park?

A. get off B. get to C. get D. get on

( ) 6.— Thank you very much.

— _______________________.

A. OK B. Don't thank me C. You're welcome D. Yes

( ) 7. There is a shop ___________ our school.

A. in front of B. in the front C. in front D. in the front of

( ) 8. _________ do you go to school?

A. How B. What C. Where D. Who

( ) 9. Please come to my home ___________ Sunday.

A. in B. on C. at D. to

( ) 10. Tom and Chen Jie are in __________class.

A. the B. a C. the different D. the same

( ) 11. _______ do you go to school?

A. How B. Who C. Where

( A. left B. right C. stright

( at a yellow light.

A. Stop B. Wait C. Go

( A. on B. in C. at

( ) 15. Red means _______.

A. go B. wait C. stop

( ) 16. ______ is the cinema, please?

A. Where B. What C. When

( A. from B. about C. for

( ) 18. The hospital is ______ the left.

A. for B. in C. on

( three minutes.

A. at B. for C. in

( A. about B. at C. in


( ) 1. A. bus B. car C. bike D. book

( ) 2. A.school B. bus C. park D. home

( ) 3. A. red light B. traffic light C. yellow light

( ) 4. A. Beijing B. Canada C. English D. go

( ) 5. A. stop B. go C.wait D. light

( ) 6. A. egg B. bread C. pear D. cak

( ) 7. A. you B. me C. he D. we

( ) 8. A. Tom B.apple C. Amy D. Mike

( ) 9. A. a B. in C. at D. on

( ) 10. A. red B. yellow C. stop D. blue Ⅲ、连词成句。(15分)

1. do, how, to, you, go, school


2. foot , I, to, usually, school, go, on


D. green light

3. a, at, light, stop, red


4. park, this, the, go, let's. to, afternoon


5. the, you, go, by, bus, can , No.15



( )1. 当你感到身体不适想去医院时,该怎样说?

A. Do you want to buy a pair of shoes?

B. I want to buy some stamps.

C. I feel sick, I'm going to the hospital.

( )2. 你想邀请你的朋友参加你的12岁生日聚会,你说:

A.Come here and join us.

B.Please come to my twelfth birthday party.

C.Thank you for all coming.

( )3. 你要找的书店在医院和邮局之间时,应该怎样说?

A.The bookstore is between the hospital and the post office.

B.The bookstore is west of the library.

C.The bookstore is between the bank and the hospital. ( )4. 当你想问电影院在哪里时,你怎样说?

A.How can I get to the cinema?

B.It's very far.

C.Where is the cinema?

( )5. 当你想问别人怎样到达图书馆时该怎样说?

A.How can I get to the library?

B.Can I help you?

C.The library is near the hospital.

Ⅴ.下面你能看到6组分别被打乱顺序的问句和答句,请你重新搭配一下, 把


( ) 1. Where are you going this afternoon? A. You can going by the No.12 bus.

( ) 2.What are you going to do? B. I'm going at 3 o'clock.

( ) 3. When are you going? C. I'm going to the biikstore.

( ) 4.Where is the cinema,please? D. I'm going to buy a comic book.

( ) 5.How can I get to the Zhing Shan Park?? E. It's near the books Ⅵ。阅读理解。(10分)

Hello! I'm liu Ying. I'm going to have a busy weekend. On Saturday morning, I'm going to the Ren min Park with my sister Liu Hong by bike. In the afternoon, we are going to visit my grandparents. In the evening I'm going to visit my aunt with my mother. On Sunday morning, I'm going to the bookstore with my good friend Tom. I'm going to buy some story-books. After lunch, I'm going to play sports with Amy. In the evening, I'm going to watch TV and clean my room. How happy I am!

( ) 1. Liu Ying is going to __________ on Saturday.

A. the bookstore B. the zoo C. the park D. the hospital

( ) 2. How is Liu Ying going to the Ren min Park?

A. On foot. B. By bike. C. By bus. D. By subway.

( ) 3. What is Liu Ying going to do in the bookstore? She is going to ___________.

A. buy a new CD B. buy a pen C. buy a ball D. buy story–books

( ) 4. Liu Ying is going to the bookstore with __________.

A. Tom B. Amy C. her sister D. her mother

( ) 5. Liu Ying is going to clean her room on ___________.

A. Saturday morning B. Saturday evening C. Sunday morning D. Sunday


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