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一 单词:drive , drove, player, , parent, music, work, worker, policeman, grandma,

factory, shop, hospital

句子:My grandma was a driver before.

二 单词:email, ask, egg, chips, breakfast, dinner, fish, at half past twelve sausage

traditional, together ,sandwich, delicious 句子:What did she have for breakfast?

三单词:return, borrow, week, talk to friends .video, library ,librarian

Harry Potter

句子:Have you got the Harry Potter videos?

四 单词:wood, temperature , breeze, low

句子:I sent you a Maths game. Did you get it?

五单词:broken, carry, light, shoulder, hand, brown, green, black, pink, yellow, 句子: This black bag is nice. It’s big.

六 单词: place, think, thought, by car, took photos, hour, stone, Stonehenge,

interesting, mystery, circle, solve, amazing, helicopter

句子: What will we see there?

七 单 词: message, click on, from, busy, at seven o’clock poster, another

句子: Click on “Email”. Now click on “Write”.

八 单 词: of course, drew, a piece of , name, windy scissors, sticks, strings

句 子: I think I’ll make a Chinese kite!

九 单 词:men, women, room, wore, told, actor, joke, laughed postman, Spain,

history ,question, trip

句 子: The men wore women’s clothes.

十单词:toothbrush, on the beach, plane, passport, ticket, climb,tomorrow, airport,

New York Airport, leave, building, Brighton, Mount Tai.

句子: What did you put in your bag? My clothes, my shoes, a present, my ticket, my

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