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Unit 4

My family

Challenge myself(挑战自我)
1. 跟大家打个招呼,介绍一下自己:
Hi/Hello. Good morning/afternoon. I’m … 2.向老师们介绍你周围的同学: This is… He’s/She’s… (my friend).

Know a new friend(认识一位新朋友)
Hello, I’m Cherry. Nice to meet you.

Do you know my family?(你们 认识我的家人吗?)

Who is this?

This is my grandpa.

Who is this?

This is my grandma.

Who is this?

This is my father.

Who is this?

This is my mother.

Who is this? This is my sister.

Who is this?

This is me.

Know new friends(认识新朋友)
? Who is he?
He’s Mike.

Who are they? (他们是谁?)


Watch cartoon then answer this question.(看动画,回答问题)
How many people are there in Mike’s family?(Mike 家里有 多少人?) Who is Mike’s sister? (Mike的妹妹是谁?) Who is Mike’s brother?(Mike的弟弟是谁?)

Fun time:

If you are Mike,try introduce your family.

This is my…或This is…He’s/She’s my…

Hello, everyone!
? This is my grandpa .

? This is my grandma .

? This is my

father . 父亲

? This is my mother . 母亲

? This is



? He’s my brother . 哥哥/弟弟 This is Helen .

She’s my sister . 姐姐/妹妹

? This is

me 我


Let’s chant
父亲,父亲father,father,father. 母亲,母亲mother, mother, mother. 哥哥,弟弟brother, brother, brother. 姐姐,妹妹sister, sister, sister.

小组介绍 This is…或He’s/She’s…

Retell this text(复述课文)
Hello, I’m Mike. This is me . This is my father . And this is my mother . I love(爱) my father and my mother. Tim. This is He’s my brother . Look, this is Helen . She’s my sister . She’s a student.(学生) I love my brother and my sister too ! 用一句话表达对长辈的敬爱:I love my…

Look at the magic(看魔术)

Family(家庭;家人) Father and m other i love you!

1.Introduce your family to more classmates in English.用英语向更多同学介绍自己的家人。 2.Try to do something for your parents/grandparents. 为长辈们做一些力所能及的小事!

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