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Unit Four What Can You Do?


( )1.A. short B. horse C. storm D. porridge ( )2.A. tall B. eggplant C. small D. ball ( )3.A. play B. plane C. photo D. plate ( )4.A. pork B. pretty C. prince D. pride ( )5.A. ill B. bike C. nice D. like


1.clothes( ) 2.computer( ) 3.flower( )

4.window( ) 5.bedroom( )


1.做饭图 拖卧室图

_______ the _________ __________ the__________


_________the ________ __________ the ________


____________TV _____________books

四、用所给的词填空,组成与汉语意思相符的词组。(10分) housework home make set wash

1.做家务 do_________ 2.洗衣服_________the clothes

3.摆饭桌________the table 4.在家里at______

5.铺床 _______the bed


1. What can you _______(do)?

2. I can ___________(clean) the classroom.

3. My sister can cook the ______________(meal).

4. I can do many things at home, so I’m very___________(help).

5. ____________(be) you ill today?


( )1. What __________the monkey do?

A. are B. can C. do D. cans

( )2. I can _____________the clothes.

A. put B. away C. put away D. \

( )3. -----Are you helpful at home?-----_______________.

A. Yes, you can. B. Sure.

C. Yes, you not D. No, you not.

( )4. Can you empty the trash?___________________.

A. No, I can. B. Yes, I can’t.

C. No, I cant D. No, I can’t.

( )5. Is she in the kitchen?_________________.

A. Yes, they are B. Yes, she is

C. Yes, she can D. No, she is.

( )6. I can ____________a computer well.

A. uses B. use C. to use D. using

( )7. Who ______________they?

A. be B. am C. is D. are

( )8. What can you_______________?

A. do B. to C. are D. /

( )9. Can you do the ____________?

A. dish B. dishes C. dishes D. dishing

( )10. ------_______________ can make clothes?--My mother can.

A. Who B. What C. Where D. Whose


1. What can you do? A. She can water the plants.

2. What can Sarah do? B. Fish.

3. Can you use a computer? C. No, I can’t.

4. Can you wash the clothes? D. Yes, I can. I’m a computer.

5. What’s you favourite food? E. I can wash the clothes.


1. can, What, do? You,


2. can, Sarah, the, set, table.


3. you, the, Can, water, flowers?


4. can, I, the bed, make,


5. can, I, the, floor. sweep,



My name is Ann. I have a happy family. We share the housework. My father Can cook the meals. My mother can wash the clothes. I can put away the clothes. My sister can do the dishes. My brother can make the bed.

1. What can Ann do? She can________________________________.

2. Can her father cook the meals__________________________.

3. What can her mother do? She can _______________________.

4. What can her sister do________________________________.

5. What can her brother do_______________________________.


Hello, Betty. Please meet(接) Bob at the station(车站)at nine o’clock tomorrow(明天) morning. Go to the big Bob clock. Carry a green bag and wear a white hat.

He is not very tall but quite fat. He has short black hair and brown eyes. He also has glasses. He likes wearing blue pants and a red sweater. Can you find him, Betty?

( )1. What time will Betty and Bob meet?

A. At 1. B. At 9 tomorrow morning. C. At the

station. D. Near the big clock.

( )2. Betty carries _______________.

A. a bag B. some glasses

C. a white sweater D. some black pants

( )3. Is Bob fat?

A. Yes, he can’t. B. Yes, he is.

C. He is very tall. D. No, he isn’t.

( )4. What colour are Bob’s eyes?

A. Red. B. Blue. C. Green. D. Brown.

( )5. Who likes wearing red sweater?

A. Bob. B. Betty.

C. Yes, he is. D. No, he isn’t.


Dear Mother:

Happy New Year! Thank you for your hard work. Now I can help you do the Housework. I can ____________. I can ___________. I can ______________. I can _____________ ,and I can _______________, too. I’m very helpful at home now.

Your son/ daughter _______

Unit Four What Can You Do?

一、DBCAA 二、×√×√×

三、1.cook, meals 2.clean,bedroom 3.sweep,floor 4.water,flowers 5.watch


四、1.housework 2.wash 3.set 4.home 5.make

五、1.do 2.clean 3.meals 4.helpful 5.Are

六、BCBDB BDABA 七、1E 2A 3D 4C 5B

八、1.What can you do ? 2.Sarah can set the table. 3.Can you water the flowers?

4.I can make the bed. 5.I can sweep the floor?

九、1.put away the clothes 2.Yes,he can 3.She can wash the clothes

4.She can do the dishes 5. He can do the dishes



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