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一、 选择你所听到的单词,将字母代号填入括号中。(共8题,


( )1、A .strong B. short C. small

( )2、A .strict B. smart C. thin

( )3、A .Monday B. monkey C. mother

( )4、A . Saturday B. Sunday C. Thursday

( )5、A. cabbage B. eggplant C. green beans

( )6、A.fresh B. fish C. Friday

( )7、A.salty B.sweet C. sour

( )8、A. Miss B. Mr C. Mrs



1. I often do my ________ on Saturdays.

2. What day is it today? _______ Wednesday.

3. Is she ____________? Yes, she is.

4. He’s tall and _____________.



( )1、A. He is Mr. Hu . B. Yes. We have a new math teacher.

( )2、A. He likes music. B. He is young and strong.

( )3、A. I do my homework and watch TV. B. I like grapes.

( )4、A. We have some potatoes and beef.

B. We do homework and read books.

( )5、A. Today is Wednesday. B. I like Wednesdays.

( )6、A. My favourite class is English.

B. My favourite food is tofu.


( ) 1、I’m a university student.

( ) 2、I don’t like Saturdays and Sundays.

( ) 3、I do housework on Saturdays.

( ) 4、I like computer class.

( ) 5、I often do sports and watch TV on Sundays.

( ) 6、My favourite food is green beans.



1、 Bb Ee

3、Hh 4 Kk

5、Pp 6Yy




( )1. What do you do on Sundays?

A. I often play football. B. I can do some reading.

( )2. Who is your English teacher?

A. Miss Wu B. We have a new art teacher

( )3. What's he like?

A. She is strict. B. He is strong.

( )4. Who's that young lady?

A. She's tall and thin. B. She's our principal.

( )5. What do you have on Tuesdays?

A. It's Tuesday. B. We have computer, P.E. and math.

( )6. What do you have for lunch today?

A. I have some beef and two eggs. B. I like onions and pork.

九、连词成句。 9分

1. your, who’s, teacher, art (? )


2. have, you, do, what, Mondays, on (?)


3. dinner, today, you, do, have, what, for (?)


4. like, don’t, juice, carrot, I (.)


5. would, like, what, you, lunch, for (?)


6. what’s, food, your, favourite(?)



A 判断下列各题,对的打“T”,错的打“F”(10分, 每题2分)。 Zip: What’s your favourite food, Zoom?

Zoom:I like beef, but I’m heavy now. I have to eat vegetables. What about you, Zip?

Zip:I like chicken. It’s tasty. Do you like fruits, Zoom?


Zoom:Yes, carrot juice is my favourite It’s fresh and healthy.

Zip:I like fruits. But I don’t like strawberries. They’re sour.

( )1、Beef is Zoom’s favowrite food.

( ) 2、Zoom can eat a lot of meat.

( ) 3、Zoom likes carrot juice because it’s fresh and healthy.

( ) 4、Zip likes strawberries because they’re sour.

( ) 5、Zip’s favourite food is chicken.

B. 根据短文内容,选择恰当的答案,并将该答案前的字母编号填在题前的括号内。

(10分, 每题2分)

My Chinese name is Sun Hua. I am 11 years old. I am thin and pretty. I am active, too. I like tofu. It’s my favourite food, because it’s tasty and healthy. My favourite teacher is Mr Chen. He is our English teacher. He is tall and strong. My favourite class is English. English is so much fun. Weekends are my favourite days. I often do my homework on weekends. Sometimes I read books and watch TV. I love weekends!

( ) 1. Sun Hua is a ___________.

A. Chinese teacher B. student C. English teacher

( ) 2. Mr Chen is _________.

A. tall and strong. B. thin and pretty. C. Active and funny

( ) 3. Sun Hua is _________.

A. active and strong B. active and tall C. active , thin and pretty

( ) 4. On weekends I often _________.

A. go shopping B. do homework C. watch TV

( ) 5. I like _________ very much.

A. English class B. Chinese class C. Math teacher


二、选择你所听到的单词,将字母代号填入括号中。(共8题,计8分) 1、 strong 2、smart 3、Monday 4、Thursday 5、eggplant 6、fresh 7、

sweet 8、Miss


三、听句子或对话选择正确的图片,圈出相应的字母。(共6题,计6分) 1 What would you like for lunch today ? I’d like some eggplant .

2 What day is it today? It is Thursday.

3 What do you have on Tuesdays? We have music class.


4 What’s your favourite class? I like English.

5 Who’s this young man ? He’s Liu Xiang .

6 Hello, I’m very strong , I like carrots.



1 Who’s your math teacher ?

2 What’s he like ?

3 What do you do on weekends?

4 What do you have for dinner taday ?

5 What day is it today?

6 What’s your favourite food?

A\ B\A\A\A\B


Dear Ben!

My name is Herry. I’m a university student. I like Saturdays and Sundays very much. I do my homework and play computer on Saturdays. My favourite class is computer class. On Sundays I often do sports and watch TV. We often have fish and tofu for lunch on Saturdays. Fish is my favorite food. What about you ? Can you tell me ?



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