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Unit Four


Lesson 4


听听做做 学对话 学唱歌 听力练习 表演对话 宝贝秀 小 结

猜一猜 看故事

Old MacDonald

Teddy Bear

边 看 边 想
1.Sarah想看Chen Jie 的 Teddy Bear,她是怎么 说的? Chen Jie是怎么回答的?

Sarah: May I have a look?

Chen Jie: Sure. Here you are.
2. Sarah喜欢Chen Jie 的Teddy Bear吗,你是怎么 知道的?

Sarah: Oh, it’s nice! I like it.

I have a friend. She is little and white. She has two red eyes and two long ears. Look at my friend. Who is she?

Look at the bearBig and brown. Look at the horseThe elephant, too. I like them all.

How about you?

Look! I have a rabbit. It’s white. Thanks.

Oh, It’s nice! I like it.

Listen and draw

Let’s talk
反问:Really? 礼貌地提出请求:May I have a look? 答应某事:Sure. 给别人东西:Here you are. 致谢:Thank you. / Thanks. 表达赞美:Oh, it’s nice! 表达喜欢: I like it.


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