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take a b_s tal g_m sl_de ) libr_ry flow_rs ) sle_p ) ) sees_w ) u_e a ) ) 二、选择正确汉语意思的序号. (共7分)

( )A. Just a moment ,please ? 1.请汤姆接电话,好吗? ( )B. Where are they ? 2.它在办公楼旁边。 ( )C. May I speak to Tom, please? 3. 请跟我来! ( )D, It’s next to the office buiding. 4.他们在哪儿? ( )E. My room is very nice! 5.我可以使用一下电话吗? ( )F. Follow me , please ! 6. 请稍等! ( )G. May I use the telephone? 7. 我的房间很漂亮 三.选择题。(30分)

( )1.在电话中,”This is Mary” 的正确译法是:


这是玛丽。 B。我是玛丽。

( )2.在电话中问“你是谁”时,会用:

A.Who are you? B. Who is that ?

( )3.“I bought a new CD . ” 的正确译法是:


我借了一盘新CD。B。 我买了一盘新CD。

( ) 4.“My mother is doing some washing. ”的正确译法是:

A.我妈妈正在洗一些衣服。 B。我妈妈正在做一些衣服。 ( )5. “我马上就到。”的英语表达法是:

A. I come here . B. I am coming soon . ( )6.May I come in ? A. Yes , please ! B. It’s over there . C. Yes , thanks

( )7.I want to say “Happy Birthday”! him.

A.to B.for. C.on

( )8.You are really a nice boy !


I am not. B. Thank you! C.No,thanks

( )9. May I speak to Tom? ___________ speaking.

A.This is Tom B.I am Tom C.That is Tom

( )10. Where are Linda and Mary?

A.She is on the slide. B. They are on the seesaw.

( )11.I want to have breakfast _____my father.

A.and B.with C.for

( A .No , it isn’t far . B. No , it is very far .

( )13.I want to have breakfast _____my father.

A.and B.with C.for

( )14.Hi!Is Mary now?

A.on B.in C.for

( )15.The boys are the swings.

A.on B.in C.over


speak(现在分词) she(形容词性物主代词)boy(对应词) come in(反义词)buy(过去式)

we(形容词性物主代词) forget(过去式) come(现在分词) let’s(原形) can(否定形式) over there(翻译) 7.is pool the swimming next gym to the . your(名词性物主代词) is(复数) far(反义词) child(复数)do(单三) we(宾格)him(主格) 七.按要求补全句子。 (12分) 五.选出下列句子中的错误项并改正。(5分)


A B C ( ) some A B C D ( ) 3.The games.

A B C ( ) a window wall.

A B C ( ) a bus?

A B C ( ) 六.连词成句。(14分)

1. some about what flowers beautiful ? 2. send present shall but we her what ? 3. speak I please hello to , may Li-Shan , ? 4. there under are the children any tree ? 5. on how there books desk are the many ? 6.is some flowers a with vase there .

1.(对划线部分进行提问) the children ? 2.She is in now.(改为否定句) . 3.Wait a moment.(同义句转换) .

4.There are some children under the tree.(改为一般疑问句) 5.I forget my keys.(改为一般过去式) I (对划线部分进行提问) the gym ? 八、写作(10分)

以My room为题,写一篇作文(不少于60个单词)

My room

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