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I. Read the words. (读单词)

1. usually 2. work 3. finish 4. better 5. Talk to

6. just 7. friendly 8. helpful 9. relative 10.sometimes II. Ask and answer. (老师问学生答)

1. What do you aways do at weekends?

2. Have you been to Beijing yet?

3. What time do you get up?

4. What would you like to be?

III. Read the dialogues or the text. (读对话或短文)

1.Which place will you visit ?

I will go to the Summer Palace.

2. -Would you like to be a bank clerk?

Yes I would.

-No, I wouldn’t.

3. -What do you like?

-I like chicken.

-What don’t you like?

-I don’t like noodles.

IV. Describe the pictures.(看图说话)

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