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(人教PEP)六年级英语下册课件 Unit 4(6)

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Echo did something yesterday.
You________________. cleaned your room played with the computer You________________. You________________. washed the clothes You________________. watered the flowers You________________. talked with your friends

regular verbs /id/ /d/ /t/ played washed visited
cleaned climbed learned rowed listened prepared phoned watched jumped danced looked cooked finished talked painted started



What did Mike do yesterday?

What did Mike do yesterday?





What did Mike do yesterday?

A He _____ swimming. went

He read books. ____




Where did John go on his holiday? He went to Xinjiang. What did he do there? He sang and danced.

Yesterday Mike walked to his friend’s studied home in the morning. They _______ Chinese. They ______ funny tongue read twisters together. Then he ______ to a went flew park by bike. He _____ kites. It ____ a was windy day. Suddenly his kite _____ into flew saw the lake. A dog _____ the kite. He jumped into the lake and _____ to it. swam ______ He returned the kite to Mike. He ____ was very grateful to the dog.

He went to Pingdu.

Daxiong’s holiday
I’m Daxiong. I was happy. I was in Pingdu. Did I go by plane? No, I flew here with my friends. Last weekend I walked to Xianhe Park. I saw trees and flowers. They were beautiful. I took some pictures. Then I went iceskating. I bought some books and bread. I read a book. It was fun. I ate the bread. It was good. I ate thirty pieces(片) of bread in all(总共). Suddenly I didn’t feel well. “Where’s W.C? Where’s W.C? Oh, no!”… Where did Daxiong go? How did he get there? What did he do there? How much bread did he eat? What happened to him?

last weekend
yesterday before

last week
in 2008

______ ago

Our holiday We went to_______ on my holiday. We went there by ______. We ____________. We ____________. We ____________. We were_________.

1.What story did you read?

I ______ “Daxiong’s holiday”. read
2.Did you_____ fun this class? have

A. have
A. do

B. had
B. did

3.Yes, I ______. did

Homework Talk about your holidays to your friends.

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