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? 学习目标: 这一单元主要学习 打算(计划、要)干什么事。 英语表达: 1.我要… I am going to … +未来时间 2.她打算… She is going to …+未来时间 3.他将要… He is going to…+未来时间 4.他们计划…They are going to …+未来时间

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

表示未来的时间词语: this morning 今天上午 this afternoon 今天下午 this evening 今天晚上 this week 这一周 this weekend 这个周末 this month 这个月 this year 今年

明天 明年 下一周

tomorrow next year next week next month

下个周末 next weekend

? 表示做事情的词语:
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

看望外祖父母 visit grandparents 打扫房间 clean the room 看电视 watch TV 画画 draw pictures 或draw a picture 踢足球 play football 做运动 play sports 读书 read books 或read a book 玩电脑游戏 play computer games 做饭 cook the meals 洗碗碟 do the dishes 洗衣服 wash the clothes

?Zhang Peng is going to ____ this weekend.

? Zhang Peng is going to ____, ____, ____and _____ this weekend.

? What are you going to do this weekend?(这个 周末你打算干什么?) ? I am going to … this weekend .

a magazine
read a magazine I’m
this morning this this afternoon. going to read a magazine afternoon this evening tomorrow (我打算今天下午看本杂志.) tonight
next week

go to the cinema What are you going to do this evening? I’m going to the cinemathis evening.


take a trip (下周)

the Great Wall next week

take a trip (去旅行) What are you going to do ______?

I’m going to _______.

visit my grandparents this morning

draw pictures

What are you going to do _______?

I’m going to ____________.

Play basketball

do the dishes

take photos

next afternoon this morning What are you going to do ____________ ? tomorrow this week tonight

I’m going to_____.

What are you going to do__________ ? next week tonight Sunday

I’m going to ____________.

Listen and repeat

cook lunch
this morning. I’m going to cook lunch

do the dishes
I’m going to do the dishes this evening.

do the housework this afternoon. I’m going to do the housework

a magazine I’m going to read a magazine tonight.

go to the ______ I’m going to the cinema tomorrow.

I’m going to play basketball next week.

take a trip

I’m going to take a trip to Beijing next year

climb mountains I’m going to climb mountains next month.

Hello, how are you? What are you going to do next week?

I’m going to take a trip. What about you?

Oh, really? Can I go with you?

Sure, if you like. It’s great. Let’s take a trip to Hangzhou.

1)今天晚上 2)今天下午 3)下周 4)今天早上___ 5)take a trip __ 6) go to the cinema___ 7)read a magazine 8)tonight__ a. this morning b. this afternoon c. next week d. this evening e.今晚 f.看电影 g.阅读杂志 h.去旅行


est) 1.选择搭配

? 1)I'm going to take a trip.(对划线部分提问)

Let’s remember

Make a plan for what you’re going to do and make the most use of time. That can make your lives better!
(制订计划,充分利用好你的时 间,会让你的生活更美好!)

Write a schedule for yourself
this evening Tonight Tomorrow On Saturday morning On Saturday afternoon On Saturday evening On Sunday Next week

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