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一、找出相对应的大小写字母,用线连起来。(10分) I M G Q B L Y P W D

g l b i w q m d y p

二、找出每组单词中不同类的一项,将其代号写在括号里。(10分) ( )1、 A、 window B、 board C、 black

( )2、 A、 fifty B、book C、 five

( )3、 A、 colour B、 Chinese book C、 math book ( )4 、A、 thin B、 strong C、student

( )5、 A、 music B、 nose C、 mouth

( )6、 A、 bag B、 pencil C、 we

( )7、 A、 computer B、 big C、 small

( )8、 A、 book B、 teacher C、 ruler

( )9、 A、 desk B、 chair C、 computer game ( )10、A、 teacher B、 student C、 school


1、 b_g 2、 b__k 3、 t__cher 4、 fr___d 5、 p__cil 包 书 教 师 朋 友 铅 笔

6、 st_d__t 7、 r_ler 8、 g__l 9、 penc_l-case 10、 b_y

学 生 尺子 女孩 铅笔 盒 男孩

五、单项选择。( 10分)

( )1、I have __English book.

A 、a B 、an C 、two

( )2、How many __do you have?

A、 pencils B 、pencil C 、pen

( )3、I have a sister.__name is ChenJie

A 、His(他的) B、 She C、 Her(她的) ( )4、__is my seat?

A、 What B、 Where C 、How ( )5、__is she?She is Amy.

A、 What B 、where C、 Who ( )6、__colour is it?

A、 What B、 Where C、 Who ( )7、Let__clean the window.

A 、I B、 me C、 we


window thirteen music Chinese book sports pencil door seven

desk twenty-four ruler science

math chair fifty English book

科 目:___________

数 字:___________


杂 物:___________

七、从B 栏中找出A栏相对应的答语。(10分)


( )1、How many pencils do you have? A、 His name is Mike. ( )2、Where is my seat? B、 Sure.Here you are. ( ) 3、What colour is this bag? C、 I have thirty pencils. ( ) 4、What is his name? D、 It is near the door. ( ) 5、May I have a look? E、 It is orange. ( ) 6 .How many English books can you see? F、 She is my sister. ( ) 7、Who is she? G、 I can see five.


A、 have B、 what C、 how D、 here you are E、 have F、 may Amy:Hi!ChenJie,I__a new schoolbag.

ChenJie:Really?__colour is it?

Amy:It is black and white.Look!

ChenJie:Wow!It is a panda!__nice!

Amy:I__many books.

ChenJie:A fat panda!

ChenJie:__I have a look?



I have a friend.Her name is WangChen.She is ten.She is a girl .She is from ShangHai.She is beatiful.She has big eyes,a small nose,a small mouth and long black hair. She likes English. We are good friends.

( )1、WangChen is a boy.

( )2、She is twelve.

( )3、She is from ShangHai.

( )4、She has a big mouth.

( )5、She likes English very much.

参 考 答 案

一、Ii Mm Gg Qq Bb Ll Yy Pp Ww Dd

二、1、C 2、B 3、A 4、C 5、A 6、C 7、A 8、B 9、C 10、C



五、1、B 2、A 3、C 4、B 5、C 6、A 7、B 8、B 9、B 10、C

六、科目:music sports science math

数字:thirteen seven twenty-four fifty

学习用品:Chinese book pencil ruler English book

杂物:window door desk chair

七、1、D 2、E 3、G 4、A 5、B 6、C 7、I 8、F 9、J 10、H

八、1、A 2、B 3、C 4、E 5、F 6、D

九、1、F 2、F 3、T 4、F 5、T 6、T





一.Listen and number (听录音,排序。每个2分,共10分)

二.Listen and tick or cross (听录音,判断对错,与录音内容相符的 打,不符的打。每个2分,共10分)

三.Listen and choose (听录音,选择你所听到的单词,把正确答案的序号填在前面的括号内。每个2分,共10分)

( ) 1. A. young B. old C. short D. tall

( ) 2. A. strict B. smart C. active D. funny

( ) 3. A.Thursday B. Tuesday C. Wednesday D. Friday

( ) 4. A. eggplant B. potatoes C. cabbage D. mutton

( ) 5. A. salty B. healthy C. fresh D. tasty

四.Listen and match (听录音,把人名和相应的句子连线。每个2分,共10分)

1. BaiLing A. I like chicken. It’s tasty.

2. Amy B. We have math, English and music on Tuesdays.

3. ChengJie C. I often watch TV on Saturdays.

4. Sarah D. I like tofu.

5. Miss White E. She is tall, She’s very young.


一. Look an write(选择正确的单词,把序号填在横线上。每个2分,共10分)

A. sweet B. Green beans C. strong D. English E. read books

1. I often _______ on Sundays.

2. My P.E teacher is very _______.

3. I like bananas. They’re ________.

4. _______ are my favourite food.

5. We have Chinese, science and ________ on Thursdays.

二.Look and write (根据所给意思写出相应的单词,开头字母已给出。每个1分,共5分).

1. My computer teacher is very k_______(和蔼).

2. B______ (牛肉)is my favourite


3. What do you have on Wednesdays?

We have Chinese, math, English and a_______(美术).

4. Oh, the grapes are s________(酸的).

5. We have Chinese on M________(星期一).

三.Look and match(看一看,连线。每个2分,共10分).

A. What’s he like? a. I like orange juice.

B. What day is it today? b. We have potatoes and fish.

C. What do you have for lunch? c. Yes, she is.

D. Is she strict? d. He’s tall and thin.

E. What’s your favourite food? e. Today is Wednesday.

四、Look and choose(看一看,选择相同类别的单词,把序号填在 前面的括号内。每个2分,共10分)

( ) 1. We have English on

A. Thursdays B. play ping-pong C. violin D. sing

( ) 2. He is A. tasty B. football C. tall D. tofu

( ) 3. I like cucumbers. They are A. eggplant B. Tuesday C. favourite D. healthy

( ) 4. I often on Sundays.

A. principal B. do homework C. fruit D. grapes

( ) 5. is my favourite food.

A. do housework B. tomorrow C. mutton D. sweet

五.Look and choose(选择正确的答案,把序号填在前面的括号内。每


( ) 1. I often ____ books on Sundays.

A. play B. read C. watch D. do

( ) 2. Today is _______.

A. Friday B. salty C. eggplant D. homework

( ) 3. What’s he like?


A. He is tall and thin B. He’s my computer teacher.

C. He has tofu for lunch. D. He likes mutton.

( ) 4. We have Chinese and English _______ Wednesdays.

A. in B. on C. at D. before

( ) 5. _______ is your P.E teacher?

A. Who B. What C. Where D. When

六.Look and choose(读短文,回答问题,把正确答案的序号填在前面的


Hi! I’m David. I’m from Willow school. Today is Tuesday. We have math, Chinese and computer on Tuesdays. I like computer. My computer teacher is very funny, he is very strong. I like him.

We have eggplant and fish for lunch on Wednesdays. I don’t like eggplant. Potatoes are my favourite food.

Saturdays are my favourite days. I often play football on Saturdays. Of course, I do my homework too on Saturdays. What about you?

( ) 1. What day is it today?

A. Tuesday B. Wednesday C. Friday D. Saturday

( ) 2. What do they have for lunch on Wednesdays?

A. Pork and rice B. Tofu and greenbeans

C. Eggplant and fish D. Mutton and tomatoes

( ) 3. What is David’s computer teacher like?

A. He

is tall and thin. B. He’s very funny. He is strong.

C. He is so heavy. D. He is active.

( ) 4. What’s David’s favourite food?

A.Eggplant B.Fish C.Potatoes D.Green beans

( ) 5. What does David do on Saturdays?

A. He often plays computer games.

B. He often plays football and does homework.

C. He often watches TV and play ping-pong

D. He often sings.



一.Listen and number (听录音,排序。每个2分,共10分)

0pt">二.Listen and tick or cross (听录音,判断对错,与录音内容相符的打,不符的打。每个2分,共10分)

三.Listen and choose (听录音,选择你所听到的单词,把正确答案的序号填在前面的括号内。每个2分,共10分)

( ) 1. A. ship B. plane C. bike D. subway

( ) 2. A. traffic ruler B. traffic light C. get to D. next to

( ) 3. A. library B. hospital C. museum D. store

( ) 4. A. tomorrow B. today C. yesterday D. tonight

( ) 5. A. magazine B. dictionary C. comic book D. fruit stand

四.Listen and number (听录音,把 句子排序。每个2分,共10分)

( ) Hi! Mike, what are you going to do?

( ) Oh, really?

( ) How do you go to school?

( ) I’m going to the school.

( ) I go to school on foot?


一. Look and tick or cross (读一读,画线字母的发音一致的打 ,不一致的打 。每个2分,共10分)

1. ( ) 2. ( ) 3. ( )

4. ( ) 5.

( )

二.Look and match (把问题和相应的答案连线。每个2分,共10分).

A. How do you go to BeiJing? a. Yes, I’m going to PingYao.

B. What are you going to do this afternoon? b. Tomorrow.

C. Where is the cinema? c. By plane.

D. When are you going? d. It’s next to the hospital. E. Are you going to take a trip? e. I’m going to play football.

三.Look and choose(看一看,选择与画线单词不同类别的单词,把序号


( ) 1. I go to BeiJing by

A. bus B. ship C. car D. orange

( ) 2. Where is the A. cinema B. Monday C. bookstore D. post office

( ) 3. What are you going to do A. take a trip B. this evening C. tomorrow D. tonight

( ) 4. I’

m going to buy a

A. magazine B. subway C. newspaper D. dictionary

( ) 5. I’d like some beef for A. zoo B. breakfast C. supper D. dinner

四.Look and write(根据提示写单词。每个2分,共10分)

1. I’m going to ShangHai by__________(飞机).

2. _______(如何) do you go to the park?

3. I’m going to buy a comic book this _________(早上).

4. Go straight, then turn __________(左边).

5. What are you going to do __________ ___________(下周).

五.Look and choose(读短文,根据短文意思选择正确答案,把序号填在


A. How B. Where C. this afternoon D. Usually E. bus

Mike: Hi, Lisa, what are you going to do ________?

Lisa: I’m going to a park.

Mike: _________ is the park?

Lisa: It’s next to the hospital.

Mike: _________ do you go to the park?

Lisa: _________ I go there by _________.

Mike: I want to go with you.

Lisa: Ok!

六.Read and answer(读短文,回答问题,可以用一到两个单词来回答,注意首字母和标点。 每个2分,共10分)

Hi! I am John. Tomorrow is Saturday. I’m going to a bookstore, I want to buy a Chinese dictionary. The bookstore is next to a park, it’s far from here. I’m going to there by bus. The bookstore is a white building, it’s very beautiful. After buying the dictionary, I’m going to the park. I like the park. I will have fun there.

1. What day is it today?


2. Where does John go?


3. Is the bookstore far



________________________________________. 4.

What does


want to






is the bookstore?



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