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little princess

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What was the name of Sara's father? James Crewe Walter Carew Michael Carew Ralph Crewe

Where did Sara and her father live? England India France


What happened to Sara's parents?

They divorced and sent her to boarding school so she wouldn't suffer the shame of having divorced parents.

Her mother left the family and her father sent her to boarding school because he didn't want to be bothered with raising her.

Both of her parents died and left her orphaned.

There was a war and her father had to fight. Her parents sent her to boarding school to keep her safe.

What was the name of Sara's special doll,

which would be her friend at boarding school?

Michelle Emily The Last Doll Lottie

Where was Sara's boarding school located? London, England. Paris, France. Moscow, Russia. Glasgow, Scotland. When Sara arrived at her school, what season was it? Spring. Summer. Autumn. Winter.

Why did Sara's father choose that particular boarding school for Sara to attend?

It was recommended by a friend, Lady Meredith, whose two girls had been educated there.

It was recommended by a friend, Colonel Grange, whose little girl, Isobel, had been educated there.

A friend, Colonel Grange, was sending his little girl, Isobel, to the school, and Sara and Isobel were good friends. Sara's mother had wanted her to go to school in England.

What did Sara look like? Pale blond hair and gray-blue eyes. Black hair and gray-green eyes. Brown hair and deep blue eyes. Red hair and gray eyes. Captain Crewe asks Miss Minchin to drag Sara away from what? From dolls if she spends too much time playing with them. From friends if she neglects her studies. From books if she spends too much time reading. From candy, because it will rot her teeth. Sara's father buys her clothes before leaving her at school. What were the clothes like?

Ridiculously extravagant and expensive, with fur and lace.

Normal clothes for a young girl at the time, but it was obvious she was from a wealthy family.

Practical and inexpensive, because he wanted her to fit in with other children at the school.

They didn't fit her well, because her father couldn't afford brand new clothes for her.

What did Sara have that other students didn't have? Her own room, a kitten, and a trunk full of toys. Her own room, a maid, and a pony. A kitten, even though pets were generally not allowed at the school. Her own room and a dog called Boris.

Who is Becky and how does Sara meet her? Becky is the school's cook. Sara meets her at dinner. Becky is the school's maid. Sara meets her while Becky is cleaning Sara's room. Becky is a student. Sara meets her during her first lesson, when Becky laughs at her for getting a wrong answer. Becky is a student. Sara meets her in the play room and they become friends because they both miss their parents a lot. What happens on Sara's 11th birthday?

She has an extravagant party thrown for her, and feels like her life is magical. She is punished for failing her French lessons and her extravagant birthday party is canceled by Miss Minchin.

She gets news of her father's death during her extravagant birthday party.

No one remembers that it's her birthday, and Sara instead has to attend an extravagant party thrown for her friend Lavinia.

What doesn't get taken away from Sara?

Her maid, Mariette. Her best clothes. Her kitten. Her doll, Emily. Why doesn't Sara's father leave any money for her? He lost it all by investing in diamond mines. He lost it all by investing in gold mines. He lost it all by investing in silver mines. He never had much money, and had to work very hard to afford Sara's expensive boarding school. What did Sara start to pretend about her new room, to make it more bearable to live there? That it was the Bastille and she was a prisoner. That it was a palace and she was a real princess.

That it was still her old room and that nothing had changed.

That it was a palace in India.

What did Ermengarde's father send to

Ermengarde, and Ermengarde gave to Sara?




Money. A little boy gives something to Sara at Christmas. What is it, and why? A doll, because he knows she lost hers. Some food, because he thinks she's a beggar. Some money, because he thinks she's hungry. A scarf, because he sees that she's very cold. A sickly man moves in next door to the school. What is his name? Mr. Carmichael. Mr. Carrisford. Mr. Melchisedec. Mr. Montmorency. Why does Mr. Carrisford want Sara to live with him?

He had been in love with her mother and had been searching everywhere for her. He was her father's friend and had been searching everywhere for her.

He wants her to be his new maid, because he sees how hard she can work.

She reminds him of his little girl, who died.

How does Sara become rich?

The gold mines really did have gold.

Mr. Carrisford shares his fortune with her.

The diamond mines really did have diamonds, and Mr. Carisford gives Sara her father's share of the money.

She finds out her father isn't really dead, and he is very rich.

She sues Miss Minchin for making her work as a maid and for starving her.

Essay Questions:

1. What is significant about the title?

2. What are the conflicts in Little Princess? What types of conflict (physical, moral,

intellectual, or emotional) do you see?

3. Does the story end the way you expected? How? Why?

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