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a ⒈ /ei/ name able cake table take date

⒉ /?/ apple cat map am match matter sad and angry ⒊ /α: / dance last pass plant

⒋ /? / want what watch wash

b /b/ book big bag box

c ⒈ /k/ clean climb cup clock cook collect curtain clothes ⒉ /s/ face nice pencil city cinema

d /d/ desk doll dog dad day don’t dish does deep e ⒈/i:/ he she me evening meter

⒉/e/ elephant egg bed pen best get empty Feb. next then send ⒊/i/ enjoy English eleven because forest

f /f/ fine friend fly foot fan fall fight favourite fruit funny g ⒈ /ɡ/ gun glass glad go get

⒉/dз / age orange village

h /h/ hat her house honey happy have heavier hurt hobby


i ⒈/ai / fine bike five ice climber hiking kind

⒉ /i/ is sit miss pig picture interesting ill dinner him listen pick river

j / dз / jeep jacket jump Jan. July June

k /k/ kite cake thank kangaroo speak take walk work lake like

l ⒈/l/leg left ruler flag lamp longer relax play

⒉/l/ apple bowl tell old tail whale

m /m/ am map my mouth milk

n ⒈/n/ no know new hand

⒉ /?/ thank think thing uncle swing

o ⒈/?u / old home nose coke tomato tofu over hold piano ⒉/?/ dog not clock box robot on from forest often stop ⒊/Λ / son month mother love young

⒋/u:/ who do whose

p /p/ map jeep pig pen apple plant play potato please policeman q /kw / quite quilt quick

r /r/ red radio brother rain read run rabbit write mirror library s ⒈/s/ sit miss this salty books spring swim sleep sometimes grass ⒉/z/ nose those rose rulers season

t /t/ it sit not that table little tired take left fruit but plant u ⒈/ju: / use usually excuse menu

⒉ /Λ / bus us sun duck uncle up trunk funny must

⒊/ u / put pull helpful

v /v / five vapour very seven village live

w /w/ we window watch want wait water Wednesday winter with x /ks / box six fox relax

y ⒈ /ai / my fly why bye

⒉/ j / yes yellow young yesterday

⒊/ i / happy baby very windy snowy study

z / z / zoo zero


ai /ei/ wait paint

ay /ei/ may play day say

air /ε? / air hair chair

al / ?: / tall small ball

ar /α: / farther farm car arm garden hardly party

ea ⒈/i:/ meat please tea read cleaner east easy leaf season ⒉/e/ head bread ready

⒊/ i? / theater

4. /ei / great

ear⒈ ⒈ / i? / ear hear near

⒉/ ε? / bear

⒊/ ?: / earth learn

ee /i:/ meet see bee feet jeep seed weekend sweet sweep eir / ε? / their

er ⒈/ ? / worker teacher November later

⒉ / ?: / her

ere ⒈/i ? / here

⒉/ε? / where there

ew ⒈/ju: / new few

⒉/u: / flew grew

igh /ai / right high bright

ir /?: / bird girl shirt thirty third

oa /?u / boat coat road goat

ong /? ? / long song

oo⒈ /u/ book foot good look

⒉/u:/ moon balloon

or ⒈/ ?: / short fork pork north

⒉/?: / word world work

oor /o: / door floor

ore /? :/ more store sore

ou / au / out house mouth cloud south bounce our ⒈/ ?:/ four your

⒉/au? / our

ow ⒈/ ?u / bowl window know row ⒉/au / now cow flower down how Oy /?i/ boy toy

ur / ?: / turn


th ⒈/θ/ thank mouth thin think twelfth ⒉ / e / this that with together

tr /tr/ tree train trip

dr /dr/ dress driver

sh /∫/ shirt wash short ship shine shop show fresh ch ⒈/t∫/ child chair catch teach watch

⒉/ k / school Christmas

tw /tw/ two twin twenty

wh ⒈/w/ white wheel what

⒉/h/ who whose whom

ts /ts/ jackets kites

ds /dz/ birds friend

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