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( )1.A.85

( )2.A. handsome

B.95 B.thin B.his birthday B.giving him a birthday present B.lokes B.adults B.writing B.who’s C.65 C.strong C.her birthday C. cutting the birthday cake C.look C.old person C.having C.where’s

( )3.A.my birthday ( )4.A.giving her a birthday card ( )5.A.looks ( )6.A.teenager ( )7.A.wearing ( )8.A.what’s (12分) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

( ) ( ) ( ) ( )


1. Are you ___________ to the_________?

2.Boys like __________ _____________ very much.

3.Tom isn’t ___________ in his bedroom. He is ________ books.

4.Mike’s model ship is __________ good.

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5. How _______ is he? He’s forty _________ __________.


( )1.A.She’s a doctor ( )2.A.Yes, I am ( )3.A.Yes, it is. ( )4.A.All right ( )5.A.He’s cooking

B.Yes,she is B.Yes, I can B.Yes, they aren’t B.Thank you B.They are cooking

C.She’s singing C.Yes, I do C.No, they aren’t C.Let’s go C.She’s dancing


( )1.Jim is 12 years old today.

( )2.There are 6 people in Jim’s family.

( )3.Jim’s dad and mum give him a bike for his birthday.

( )4.The computer is from Jim’s brother.

( )5.Jim is very happy on his birthday.



eat ____________ sing ____________

dance wear ___________ tell ____________ cut ___________

see ___________ have ____________ swim __________

give ____________ work ____________ skip ___________


七、选择正确的答案填空。(15分) ( ) 1. He likes playing ________ guitar.

A. a

B. an C. the

( ) 2. She ____beautiful.

A. look

B. looks C. looking

( ) 3. A: How old is she? B: She is ____old.

A. two hundred year B. two hundred years C.two hundreds years

( )4.A: What is your mother doing ? B: She is ____the huose.

A. cleaning B. cleans C.clean

( )5.The present is __________ your parents.

A. give B. from C. buy

( )6.Jay is giving ___________ a birthday card.

A.he B. she C. her

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( )7. Are you _________ there?

A. again B. still C. yet

( )8. I _________ a story-book now.

A. reading B. reads C. am reading

( )9. Jill enjoys ___________.

A. play B. playing C. plays

( )10. Dim and Jim _________ running.

A. are B. is C. am

( a model ship.

A. making B. makeing C is making

( )12. Let’s our dinner.

A. having B. have C. are having

( )13. Miss White often works the computer.

A. in B. to C. on

( )14. Dinner isn’t ready

A. too B. again C. yet

( )15. Are you playing ball games __________ him?

A. and B. with C. for


1 . Look ! My sister _____ _ ( play ) with the toy cars . 2 . I _______ ( get ) up at 6:30 every morning .

4 . Tom’s mother _______ (have) a nice jacket .

___ (make ) a model ship ?

6、I like ________(skip) very much.

7、The cat ____ 8、Mike doesn’t like ________(cook).

9、I’m ________(sit) in the classroom.

10、She ___(have) lunch now.


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( 1 ) What is the boy doing? ( 2 ) Is the girl fishing? ( 3 ) Is the girl doing her homework? ( 4 ) What is the boy doing? 十、在B栏中找出A栏句子的答语。(8分)


( ) 1. What’s your name?

A. I am ten.

( ) 2. How old are you? B. She is doing housework. ( ) 3.How are you?

C. My name is Betty

( )4. What does he do? ( )5. What are you doing?

D. I am fine.

E. We are dancing F. Good evening G. He’s a bus driver. H. No, he is playing football

( )6. Is that boy playing basketball?

( )7. What is your mother doing now? ( )8. Good evening.


K: Hello, Janet! J: Hello, Ken!

K: What are you here? J: I a model ship. K: I can make model ships J: Oh, really? Come in and join (加入) me. K: Ok, thank you

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It’s a fine day. The sun is bright. The sky is blue.Mr. Smith is with his family. Now, they are walking near the lake. There are some small boats on the river. Mr. Smith’s daughter Sally is looking at the ducks on the river. They are swimming. Mr.Smith’s son Jimmy is looking at a plane. The plane is flying high in the sky.Mr.Smith and Mrs. Smith like walking very much. Sally and Jimmy like swimming. They are happy every day.

( )1.Mr.Smith is with his family.

( )2. There are five people in Mr.Smith’s family.

( )3.Sally and Jimmy are swimming.

( )4.Jimmy is looking at a plane.


Look at the child. She is beautiful. And she has short hair. She is wearing a pair of trousers and a sweater. Now, she is sitting and playing the guitar. She likes music.






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